BLOG POST: Mavs prove they can get it done without Dirk Nowitzki

English: Washington Wizards v/s Dallas Maveric...
: Washington Wizards v/s Dallas Mavericks October 9, 2009 at Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Still doubting the Dallas Mavericks even after defeating the Los Angles Lakers in the season opener?   Didn’t think so.   Dallas looked solid in what seemed to have been a statement victory at the Staples Center against the Lake show, who looked impressive early on, but the Mavericks, without Dirk Nowitzki is what stole the spot-light on Tuesday night, as the Mavericks won 99-91.

You probably thought that the Nowitizkless Mavericks would struggle.   There is no blaming on that, as there would be logical reasoning to think that.  Not on Tuesday night though.   The Mavericks sent a message to the Lakers, and they made it clear.    — Dallas made it clear to the Lakers, who went out and did all that off-season shopping, as they acquired: Steve Nash, and Dwight Howard, (Howard), who whined his way out of the Magic’s franchise.    Winning without the one time NBA Regular Season MVP (2007), and one time NBA Champion (2011).    The big question here is can Dallas continue to do it without Nowitzki, until he returns to action?

Tune in to find out if the Mavericks really have this identity.

If there’s anything to make of this team, if anything after one-game, it’s that they look a lot better than they did on last-season’s late opener due to the lockout on Christmas day vs. the Miami Heat.

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Are the Cowboys the NFL’s definition of Inconsistent?

 The Cowboys need to regroup, and they need to regroup fast, they don’t have much time for it either.   — Their is plenty of  reasons for Cowboys fans to worry right now, as they will be facing a red-hot Atlanta Falcons team, who can’t be stopped, even on a bad day for Ryan, who two weeks ago, threw what would seem to be three costly picks against a bad Oakland Raiders team.
 — That should make some red-flags pop up for Garrett and the Boys.   The Cowboys are going to have to dig deep, or maybe they won’t need to.   Wishful thinking, right?
Maybe not, but come on, this is the Dallas Cowboys we are refereeing to.
 —- Need I remind you all that they aren’t  exactly Captain Consistency?   It’s been a while since they played a full impressive game, and it all goes back to the Meadowlands in week one at the Giants.   — Fast-Forward to now and look at them.   Tell me this is a different team.
If  there’s anything that can be said for sure about Dallas thus far, it’s that they are a surprise, really more than anything each week, but in this league, you can’t rely on some flashes of greatness.  Especially when playing an undefeated team.
An undefeated team like Atlanta, who has been exactly what the Cowboys aspire to be: consistent, yes, excluding that near loss to a certain Bay-Area football team.    — Atlanta is a team that seems to finally be hatching, and for Dallas this isn’t good.
—  Don’t get me mixed up though, it’s good that Dallas, as of these past two games has been playing some solid teams.   — Hey, who knows, maybe Dallas will learn something from playing these teams.     Maybe  that’s just wishful Jerry Jones thinking.   Catch the Cowboys not playing some of their best football, and Atlanta could.. Oh wait, never-mind  about that catching the Cowboys not playing their “A game” thing.
Maybe the Cowboys are making it to hard on themselves.  No, that can’t possibly be it.  This team is all about inconsistency.    Tony Romo? Check, Dez Bryant? Check, Dan Bailey, Check.   This is what I thought, and feared for all the others in the Cowboys fan community.
I want to take a closer look at this team, and ask something, are they really beating the team’s they’re supposed to?  Well, let’s take a look and see.    Dallas managed to defeat Tampa-Bay, but only with the inconsistencies that they’ve been playing with all season long.    They won, but barley, and only by the hair of  one’s hairy chin-chin against a struggling Carolina Panthers team, 16-14.      — So what’s to make of  this team, what’s their true identity?
 Does this answer anything?:  Their the Dallas Cowboys, and they are the league’s definition of “Inconsistent”.
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My Weekly Wrestling Column: Why WWE needs heel characters like Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar’s warm  welcome from many screaming fans in a hot Miami Florida crowd, the day after WrestleMania 28 was a very short lived warm welcome.

The former Undisputed UFC Champion and mega heel in the WWE Universe made it clear that he’s not here for entertainment.  He’s not here for the fans, either.   Than why would Lesnar, who once won the Undisputed WWE Title back in 2002, inside the demonic structure that is Hell In A Cell vs. the Undertaker?

Lesnar, who seems to be in this business, for more of the athletic point of view, as oppose to the entertainment, has made his presence felt everywhere he has been on WWE Television, despite not being on WWE Programming Television since the RAW after SummerSlam.

— Lesnar, who made no mistake showing us that he was indeed a mega-heel by immediately attacking the face of the company, in John Cena, who he F5’ed, and before F5’ing him, the former MMA super-star, and “Wrassler” punched Cena in the face, making him bleed.     — Some argue that’s what started his mega-heel turn.  — Than again, didn’t he leave the company previously a heel, when he feuded with Eddie Guerrero, and than Bill Goldberg?

It may have just been one of those major “Mark Out Moments” for all those Pro-Wrestling fans.

While Brock Lesnar may not be in the business for attention from the fans, or even for the entertainment aspect,  WWE needs heel characters like him, who make the show so entertaining, which it’s ironic, because that’s exactly what he’s not in WWE for.

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Key-Dates for current WWE Champion CM Punk

Here are some key dates for CM Punk’s WWE Champion Dates on RAW: 

November 12 ( RAW Before Survivor Series)

November 18 (Survivor Series) Pay-Per-View

November 19 (RAW after Survivor Series Pay-Per-View).

December 3  (The Rock scheduled to return, to live WWE Television, according to

December 31 (RAW): How can they not do something special to get ready for the new year (2013?)  Plus, they’ll be working on the feuds for the Royal-Rumble paper-view.  I just think they would do something special to kick off the new-year by having current champion CM Punk defend his WWE Championship on the last-day of  2012?




NFC East Round-Up Cowboys GameDay Blog

NFC East Roundup

Inspecting Falcons at Eagles:

Take away four turnovers, and the Philadelphia Eagles could be a 5-1 team, that would make things even more interesting here in the NFC East, as that would put the Giants in second at 5-2, the Cowboys at third with a 3-3 record.  The Eagles don’t have the explosiveness that Micheal Vick once provided them a couple of seasons ago, this season Philadelphia hasn’t been playing their best football, as they have turned it over one to many times, leading to their current demise.  It almost seems as if  Vick has lost his football Mojo.   This one is on the quarterback, there is no arguing that, as it shows up in almost every box-score stat for every-game that the Eagles have played this season.   Will Micheal Vick be able to turn it around against an undefeated Atlanta Falcons team today?  Let’s inspect, shall we?

  • Offense is key for Atlanta, and that’s why they currently stand at 6-0, but after a lucky a couple of week’s ago vs. the abysmal Oakland Raiders, in which quarterback Matt Ryan threw three interceptions, some are starting to question the Falcon’s legitimacy as an undefeated team.
  • Eagles quarterback Micheal Vick has had a very sloppy last-six games, as he has fumbled a grand total of  9 times, in the amount of games that have been played already.  If the Falcons defense can force Vick to cough it up at all today, that could be the difference in the game, as it takes only one mistake.
  • Will Philadelphia be able to run the ball successfully (with a running-back)?  Running-back LeSean McCoy has the second most carries in the league, behind Houston’s Arian Foster.

*UPDATE*:  Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan passed for three passing touchdowns in the win at Philadelphia.


Redskins at Steelers:

It will interesting to see how Robert Griffin111 stacks up against Dick Leabu’s Steel-Curtain defense.  Leabau has a history of  owning the opposing rookie-quarterback, as he 13-1 against them, the only one being a victor being  Troy Smith.  — Pittsburgh comes into this one needing another win, as they can be 500..

The Redskins, much like the Steelers come into this game one game behind 500., for both teams if they lose, playoffs would seem to be “fools gold” that’s why this one is a game that matters for both-sides.   Robert GriffinIII has made an obvious impact on the team, as they look a lot better than they have in recent seasons, will Pittsburgh’s defense led by defensive coordinator Dick Leabau be able to stop Griffin?


Pittsburgh was able to stop Griffin, who was only 16-37 in the game.

Giants at Cowboys:

Things have changed for both teams since they last met.  The Cowboys had the upper-hand, as they were victorious in week one at the Giants, but as I said in my earlier-blog-post, a couple of  key wide-receivers on the Giants weren’t on their A-Game, as they caught them off balance,  Dallas may be lucky to see that happen again today.    Another thing:  The Cowboys are going to have to make more successful red-zone trips, kicker Dan Bailey shouldn’t have to come out  expect for the point-afters, and maybe two field-goals.


Cowboys-Giants Cowboys Gameday blog

First of all, the Cowboys are going to have to able to get into the end-zone, they won’t be able to rely on field-goals this time, as they face an offense that’s going to force he Dallas offense to put up 6 points at least a few times.   — Call me Captain Obvious, but we are all aware that Dallas isn’t the most balanced team in the league, this is a key reason they haven’t been able to make red-zone trips occur consistently.   — Speaking of which, that’s the key word right there. “Consistency” this is something the Cowboys need, and in today’s game, make no exception about it.

The last-time these two played in the Meadow-lands in week one, the  Cowboys had some breaks in that victory.  Giants Wide Receiver Hakeem Nicks was coming back from a stress-fracture in his foot, which kept him from participating in most of the Giant’s training-camp, and not to mention that Victor Cruz had an off-night, as he three drops, and two penalties.    — Dallas just got lucky in that one, as they can’t have that happen again, Cowboys cornerbacks Brandon Carr, and Morris Clairborine will need to make the adjustments necessary to stop New-York  in this one.   — The best the Cowboys can do, is go out and play their best football.

My Cowboys Fantasy Start E’m of the Day: 

For this week, go ahead with Cowboys tight-end Jason Witten.

My Final Score Prediction:

Giants: 27, Cowboys: 29

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Cowboys-Giants blog coverage begins now..

The Dallas Cowboys face NFC East rival, New York Giants on Sunday’s game in Cowboys Stadium, this one would mean a great deal to Dallas, that is if they win, because if they lose, they are 2 games behind the Giants, if they do win than Dallas would have a possible-tie breaker advantage over the Giants, and not to mention a 4-2 record over a 3-4 record.   — Every game counts, that’s certainty the case for this one.  Cowboys Owner/GM Jerry Jones is going to have to hope that his team backs his words up, as the Giant’s told him to suit up and see what happens.    With the Cowboys, a lot of times, you just can’t tell, and this week, despite playing at home, I just don’t see Dallas winning, as they have had problems closing out in close-games, this one has plenty of reason to show to be a close-one, if the Cowboys can prove me wrong, maybe this team is different, but probably not.


Cowboys Keys To Winning: 

  • Will the Giants be able to take advantage of  Sean Lee’s absence?
  • Will the Cowboys be able to get in the end-zone?
  • Will the Cowboys be able to mix it up against the Giant’s defense?

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