Luke 24:16 Jesus explains the cost’s of following him.

Jesus told his disciples to love another as they had been loved  by  him,   he even said to love your enemies, that’s probably one of those sermons where the crowd is dead, and understandingly  so.   You have to understand something about Jesus here, he didn’t care about the size of the crowds, if they were big, or large, he was just doing the will of God.   For Jesus, he preferred smaller crowds, because he probably knew the smaller the crowd, the more likely they are to follow him.   – – – But you think the crowd was dead in that sermon?   Try to imagine them in Luke 24:16 “If you want to be my disciple, you must hate everyone else by comparison — your father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters — yes, even your own life.  Otherwise, you cannot be my disciple.”     Your first thought, especially if  you are newer to the Word Of God is probably: “Doesn’t this contradict everything else Jesus taught?”   The answer is no.  In the NLT version, it helps to explain here, by using the word “Comparison”    If  we then, truly  are Jesus’s disciples, regardless of what denomination, we must learn to love, love like Christ, and have a relationship exalted above all else with the King.


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Luke 6:27-6:39 -Jesus tells us to love our enemies.

Jesus tells us to love our enemies: 

What we, in this world value, often times Jesus trashes, or is against, and often times what we trash, Jesus values, or what we say we value, which we may say we value because we know Jesus would value it, but we may not really value it.   Come on now, God knows our heart’s, and whether or not you believe it, the Bible say’s that “on that day, when accordingly to my gospel ,  God judges the secrets of men, by Christ Jesus” (Romans 2:16).   So it would be wise for us to realize this, now that no one can or will escape Judgement-day.   This brings me to my main-point of this post:  have we not just loved our brothers, or been kind to our dear one’s who treat us with respect or love?   We aren’t called to just love those who love us.    The Bible is quite clear about how we are to treat other’s, and it’s  with nothing but love.   Luke 6:29 say’s that if someone slaps us on one cheek, and  to offer a slap on the other cheek.     To make sure you are reading this part of scripture correctly, this doesn’t mean to not do anything and not say anything, this actually means  to OFFER to your enemy,  another slap on the face.     Other scripture quote’s that support this famous sermon from Jesus include: 1 John 4:7 which reminds us that whoever knows God, knows love.  Proverbs 10:12 says that hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses.    This may be hard to do, but if we call ourselves Christian’s, than we must truly live as though we are truly redeemed by the blood of Christ.

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Marriage-What is it?

What is Marriage?   We often make it out something to be that it’s not you know why?   Because we are selfish.   Because when we think about marriage we think about ourselves.    What else is, or who else besides my parents, some family and friends should know or should we think about for this relationship you ask?  Well, if you’re a Christian, than it should be only to please God.    It should  be an image of  how Jesus loved the church.  If you’re a Christian, and considering marriage, chances are you likely don’t know what you’re getting into.   If your Christian, and if you are considering marriage,  I would like to recommend a book called: “Boy meets girl”.    (From the backside of  the book: “Boy meets girl is an honest, romantic, and refreshingly biblical look at relationships.  It’s about dating with a purpose.  About friendship plus possibility.   About romance chaperoned by wisdom.  Join the guy who “kissed dating goodbye”…. and say hello to courtship.”   Please do pick up a copy of this book, and don’t hesitate to see what scripture say’s about marriage, either.

What does having a relationship with God mean?

I’ve always been a Christian, a believer, I grew up going to Church, but that’s about it.   I knew about God, spiritually, I think I’ve been an okay person.   That’s the problem, I only knew about God.       I only knew that he was a loving father, but I never really took the time to expand on that relationship, and there are plenty of other Christian’s who don’t know what they are missing out on.

Eternal life doesn’t  start after life, it starts now.    A relationship with God almighty, the creator of the universe, himself, that starts now.   Wait no longer.   God longs for a relationship with you, he yearns for it, more than you could ever know in your lifetime.    Realize that as a Christian, your life should focus on the Cross, otherwise its just religion itself,  I wrote you can be religious (and have all the knowledge of theology), but at the same time something could be missing like Jesus said himself, what good is the salt if it loses it’s salting? (Luke 14:34).   What’s missing you ask?  Do you truly have a relationship with Christ?  Do you realize the importance of having one?    If you even hesitated to answer any of these two questions, than your further away then you think of being close or “getting right with God”.

If you aren’t sure, or if you hesitated to answer the two questions above, than let me explain to you what it means to have a relationship with Christ, yet  I’m still on my journey to carry the cross, so of course this isn’t complete, or as awe-inspiring as the stories of  Jesus in the New Testament, but I truly believe that as the  Bible says, he who starts a good work will finish it to the day of  Jesus Christ (Philippians 1:6) and faithfully I will wait on his plan.  `

A relationship with Christ, through God is the key to love, it’s the key to the gates of Heaven, and we should know that (nobody gets to the father except through him) (Jesus) (John 14:6).    I must realize that as a Catholic, my faith in Christ alone will save me, not in Catholicism, and this is something I’ve realized.   I need to realize more than that though.    I have to be careful in this world where many will say one thing and do another contrary to their professed beliefs, luckily though Jesus has provided me and you with a colorful key to follow as  Matthew 7:16 says we will know other’s by their fruits, and of course do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?    If we aren’t careful with this than guess what, we will likely be twisting God’s word either unbeknownst to ourselves or through temptation to satisfy our own selfish desires of the flesh.

This means we must cut off the flesh, pluck our eye’s out if necessary, because this world isn’t all that glitters is gold,  once, or if we do come to realization with that fact, than we should have no trouble continuing on higher and newer depths in our walk with God, which might I remind you, starts in this lifetime.  I view it as simply as this: God gave us life, so we are to give it to him and ask him to do whatever it is he wants, because he gave us life.     We also, I might include myself, be careful not love the things of this world,  but love  it enough to change it, or make some sort of difference.

Often times though, we like to sit down relaxed and say “I wasn’t called to do this, or that, or that someone else is doing it, that’s good enough for me, and that’s good enough for God”.    That’s not right.    Remember that God does have a plan for you, he has an individual plan for us all, otherwise we wouldn’t be here, otherwise, living for ourselves is to easy, to comforting, to typical.    We weren’t called to be typical, to sit in the pews for an hour each Sunday, and listen to a sermon alone.   That’s not good enough.   God requires more than that, he’s not just simply an accessory piece we are to add in our lives, no he wants to get to know you.  He wants you to know him, and there are plenty of different ways to do that.

Read the scriptures, and you will find dozens (more than dozens) of his identities.   Saying you know something is one thing, but living the life that shows your intimacy with God, and through him your relationship with Christ, than Matthew 7:16  clearly shows up in your acts, in your way of life, in your desires.   If you have a personal list of different names you have come to call God in your life, like provider,  than that shows some of the depth’s of your personal relationship with God, because you have come to know him, how he works, when he chooses to work (and he always does, it’s just we aren’t always willing to be content with some of the regular blessings he gives us).     God gives us the nice things we have because he wants us to spread his word and his glory through the nice things we have, and other’s to will come to know God, and through God will see the importance of having an everlasting relationship with Christ.    God is good.

God is so good he sent his only son to die for our sins, that we might see his glory through that, and his mercy, and his love, which is richer than the depths of the sea, he see’s our heart’s which has deceit and selfish/lustful desires all over it, and chooses to love us the same.     But we must be true, pure, righteous, honorable disciples of Christ, following the good shepherd who laid down his life for all of us.