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NFC East Roundup

Inspecting Falcons at Eagles:

Take away four turnovers, and the Philadelphia Eagles could be a 5-1 team, that would make things even more interesting here in the NFC East, as that would put the Giants in second at 5-2, the Cowboys at third with a 3-3 record.  The Eagles don’t have the explosiveness that Micheal Vick once provided them a couple of seasons ago, this season Philadelphia hasn’t been playing their best football, as they have turned it over one to many times, leading to their current demise.  It almost seems as if  Vick has lost his football Mojo.   This one is on the quarterback, there is no arguing that, as it shows up in almost every box-score stat for every-game that the Eagles have played this season.   Will Micheal Vick be able to turn it around against an undefeated Atlanta Falcons team today?  Let’s inspect, shall we?

  • Offense is key for Atlanta, and that’s why they currently stand at 6-0, but after a lucky a couple of week’s ago vs. the abysmal Oakland Raiders, in which quarterback Matt Ryan threw three interceptions, some are starting to question the Falcon’s legitimacy as an undefeated team.
  • Eagles quarterback Micheal Vick has had a very sloppy last-six games, as he has fumbled a grand total of  9 times, in the amount of games that have been played already.  If the Falcons defense can force Vick to cough it up at all today, that could be the difference in the game, as it takes only one mistake.
  • Will Philadelphia be able to run the ball successfully (with a running-back)?  Running-back LeSean McCoy has the second most carries in the league, behind Houston’s Arian Foster.

*UPDATE*:  Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan passed for three passing touchdowns in the win at Philadelphia.


Redskins at Steelers:

It will interesting to see how Robert Griffin111 stacks up against Dick Leabu’s Steel-Curtain defense.  Leabau has a history of  owning the opposing rookie-quarterback, as he 13-1 against them, the only one being a victor being  Troy Smith.  — Pittsburgh comes into this one needing another win, as they can be 500..

The Redskins, much like the Steelers come into this game one game behind 500., for both teams if they lose, playoffs would seem to be “fools gold” that’s why this one is a game that matters for both-sides.   Robert GriffinIII has made an obvious impact on the team, as they look a lot better than they have in recent seasons, will Pittsburgh’s defense led by defensive coordinator Dick Leabau be able to stop Griffin?


Pittsburgh was able to stop Griffin, who was only 16-37 in the game.

Giants at Cowboys:

Things have changed for both teams since they last met.  The Cowboys had the upper-hand, as they were victorious in week one at the Giants, but as I said in my earlier-blog-post, a couple of  key wide-receivers on the Giants weren’t on their A-Game, as they caught them off balance,  Dallas may be lucky to see that happen again today.    Another thing:  The Cowboys are going to have to make more successful red-zone trips, kicker Dan Bailey shouldn’t have to come out  expect for the point-afters, and maybe two field-goals.



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