Why the world hates Christ and doesn’t know God.. John 7:7

“The world cannot hate you, but it hates Me because I testify of it that it’s works are evil”  John 7:7  Why would someone hate Jesus?  Isn’t he compassionate and loving?  Indeed he is, but here is one thing I know he’s not: Nice, or so that’s the way the world perceives it (and perceived when he was in the form of flesh)  But what would Jesus do that would offend people?  Read the second part of that verse.. it states..  “because I testify of it that it’s works are evil.”    Incase you haven’t noticed,  People love their sin, and they don’t like being reminded or told about the wickedness of their sin, they love their works, which is why the World ultimately doesn’t know God.    People don’t want to give up their sin for something greater: God. 



God alone

Anything that isn’t God can become an idol.  This includes the Bible.  If it’s not truly God who is on the throne of our hearts, it doesn’t matter what is.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Bible, but I love God more, and sometimes I have to remember that God alone is the one who gave me life, not the Bible.   None of us would be here without God, in the first place, with that said I use my time in my life wisely by reading and meditating on God’s word.  Don’t waste your time giving your attention or worship to anyone or anything else than God.   Use your time wisely, and use it by knowing God’s word.  

Why do I go to church?

As a Catholic, I have the blessed privilege of being in front of the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ every Sunday, or anytime I go to a Mass.   For me, that’s probably one of the biggest things that kept me in the Church.  Eucharistic  worship is the  way the Church has worshiped from it’s very begging, and there is just no other way.   When Protestants go to a service, they may not realize it, but although the message of the service may be a good message, they base their experience  off what they got out of it.   For Catholics, when we go to Mass, there is a reason we have a crucifixion, why we kneel (more than once), there is a reason why we go to Confession.. it could be about us and having a clearer conscience before God, but it’s also so we can partake in the sacrament of  Communion, so that we might receive our Lord Jesus Christ.     You see, despite all what everyone outside the church thinks, the Mass is a beautiful picture, because it’s not about what we get out of it, but it’s about Christ who is the only acceptable sacrifice to God.

Big Day

For the past year, I wrestled with my faith in the Catholic Church and the truth.  I just recently came to be at total peace with the faith and the church.   I prayed and prayed about it, and I’m at complete peace.    Today is a big day for me, because today I get confirmed in the Church.  I ask that you would pray for me that I would be a faithful servant of Christ in the church, faithful to the church, and that I would live the radical life, shining with the light of our Lord, Jesus Christ.