My list of Possible Teams Peyton Manning might end up at.


WASHINGTON REDSKINS:  As I said last time, this team lacks a good QB, and that, I think is the ultimate difference for the Skins’ current spot, to possibly contending in the NFC East.  — Not just that, but the Redskins have a lot of cap-space, and if they’re willing to spend some out of that, than they could be looking at a possible NFC East division crown.    

NEW YORK JETS:  The Jets patience appears to be running out on QB Mark Sanchez.  — New York has to make a decision here:  Continue to play the waiting game with Rex Ryan, and Sanchez, who would be in his 4rth career year, or they can take a quarterback that may not really have that much left in him, and with a high injury prone rate in Peyton Manning.   Either way though, it’s up to them.  If Manning ends up here, maybe when Ryan   says there going to win the Super-Bowl, the fans will believe him.    

Miami Dolphins:  The Dolphins have been through their recent share of  QB failures in the past 4 years.  If Miami does sign Manning, than, this would be the best at QB Depth they’ve been since  Jay Fiedler (2000-2004 in Miami).   But those are just “if’s”, and this is basically what this column is: “if” this team can sign that player.. so and so.   

Buffalo Bills:  As promising as Ryan Fitzpatrick may seem these past couple of seasons, those numbers are only going to get you somewhere inyour Fantasy Football League,  I just don’t think Fitzpat has been consistent enough to truly have the keys of this team.  Though, for every team that may sign Peyton, comes aconsequence rate: of some kind, at least.  Yes, I’m referring, to  his Injury Prone level, which brings me to my next point: RETIREMENT:  Manning may wan to see if he can sign with the retired team, after all, I mean, if you haven’t noticed, his injury rate  is pretty high, he may not want to end up taking a risk at possibly permantly damaging himself for life.  — That’s why retiring may be the best decision for Mr. Manning  (in my opinion that is). 

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HS Basketball player scores 70+, team still loses

It’s not to many times we see a High School Basketball player score 70 or more points in a game by him/herself.  — No, let me rephrase that: It’s not to often you see a High School basketball player score 70 or more points in a game, and his/her team still lose the game (in this case he), well, it happened:     

Putting Giants Blog On Hold

I will have to put my blog on the Giants on hold because I’ll have to cover my High School baseball team’s games, and I have     , as you probably know by now, taken a break from Twitter world for (now) the next 33 days, to take on a challenge.
If Jesus can stay in the desert for 40 days without food, and water, hey, I’m sure that I’ll be able to do this no tweet-thing with ease.. or not.. I kind of miss Twitter right now..  Also, some of my stuff that I put on here about my school’s baseball team, might go in the school paper, so yeah..

Editors Note: Thomas Brunt is no longer with those at the MLB Franchise Podcast, in other words, he got fired, for what reason, the Sportsguy has yet to figure out. 

Earlier this evening, when I was checking my email, I found out that I was no longer the A’s beat-writer.  The MLB Franchise Podcast sent me a DM via Twitter,  which shows up in my email inbox every-time something happens on my Twitter.   Here’s the proof, for if you some reason, don’t believe me: 

Inside the Minds of: Colts Owner Jim Irsay, and Peyton Manning

Here is what’s on Peyton and Irsay’s minds:
Manning: I’m not going to just “give” up my job to Luck, I mean I’ve been this team’s starting pro-bowl QB for 13 years now, there probably isn’t much I can do from stopping us (Indianapolis) from drafting Luck. — I mean just look at my current-state of health, they wouldn’t want me to stay as the team’s QB with just only maybe a couple more “pro-bowl” worthy seasons left in my career. — There isn’t anything I can do to prevent them from drafting Luck. — I may have to look else-where, see what I can do, maybe retire, if best decision in the end.

Irsay: I want Manning to stay on this team. — I mean just look at what he’s done for this team in all his years, than again, I’m reminded about his current state of health, who knows how long he may last at his age, and with that (current state of health), It would be very wise of me to re-build while I can, and draft Luck. Whom is hot, young, and fresh right out of college, that’s the wisest decision that as a team, we can make. If I don’t do this, that could haunt this franchise for years to come, I better make the right decision, sorry Manning, it’s been a great run, but… look, you’re getting old, and your health could become a serious issue, I don’t want to be one to risk ending your career, and I just want what’s best for this team, while you may have a few possible good seasons left, overall the best decision, I think is to seize the opprutinty that we currently have, and draft Luck #1 overall.

Break From Twitter; a journey with Christ

Fellow Blog Readers, I wanted to write this blog-post telling you to that I will NOT be on Twitter for the next 34 days.  This is  because, I’ve given it up for Lent.  I decided that is was best for me to take a break from something that society has laid  in front of me, and I believe that Twitter is just that, it’s a time-sucker. I think that I probably spend a little bit more time on that place, than I should.  I have accepted a challenge, a challenge that will provide me with many struggles, and what not.  But that’s what Lints about, it’s not just about giving something up, but it’s more of the challenge that you have to deal with in it, that’s why I’ve chosen Twitter.  Sure, Twitter may be a good thing, if you used right, but I honestly think that I would be more satisifed with my time in the day if I we’re to not spend as much time on it.  — These next 34 days are going to be interesting, and I’m up for the challenge it has to bring me.

So, if you are following me on Twitter, that’s great, I appreciate it, but remember, that for the next 35 days, I will not be tweeting.

A’s report: Rehabbing A’s lefties look sharp

PHOENIX: A’s lefty Dallas Braden is showing no signs of slowing his rehab after making a 35 pitch bullpen session– his second since undergoing Tommy John surgery– look effortless on Friday.

“Again, with Brett, his arm looked real good,” manager Bob Melvin said. “He’s got the kinks worked out as far as soreness goes, and you really wouldn’t think he had an arm injury the way he’s throwing the ball.”

Fellow southpaw Dallas Braden, on the road back from shoulder surgery, proved just as impressive during his sixth bullpen session.

“They look like regular pitchers out there, not rehabbing guys,” Melvin said.

The duo will continue on the same schedule, which includes two bullpen sessions per week according to Oakland’s Jan Lee.

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"They look like regular pitchers out there, not rehabbing guys," Bob Melvin said of Dallas Braden (shown) and Brett Anderson. (AP)