Do what’s right, and challenge yourself to look past a tarnished image on Ray Lewis *Column*

Ray Lewis wants to walk out of the Super-Dome Sunday a Champion, that’s obvious, but what isn’t obvious is if he will do it.   Either way though, while I may not have graduated with a degree in LAW, some people will still be the judges, and will judge him.    They will look at him and say he has a tarnished image.    And they can do that.

Everyone can point fingers and judge that’s the easy thing.     But  I challenge you to do the tougher thing here.     Like I wrote on Lance Armstrong, try to find the good in him.  Heck, hope and pray that Jerry Sandusky has found Jesus in his heart.    You know why?   Because it’s the right thing to do.

– – It’s also something a certain society fails to accomplish something so seemingly easy everyday.      There are mentally retarded kids that are getting bullied, push around, and maybe even beaten up to a pulp just because they are different from someone-else not diagnosed.     This is a rather cruel society we live in,  and we have a lot to do with the way it is today.     If it’s not about money, it’s about using a girl’s body.    This is frowned-upon those who once lived in a better world.

The thing is all of us have trouble trying to do what’s right.

So do me a favor here, and challenge yourself to look beyond what you may see a “tarnished image”  on Ray Lewis.

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Wrestling Week in Review *Column*

eWrestling journalist, Thomas Brunt gives you his take on everything Pro Wrestling this week in his weekly recap column:

Monday Night RAW (1/21/13):  This past Monday’s show was the go-home RAW to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, which takes place in Phoenix, Arizona tomorrow night.   – – –   Their has recently been a lot of talk about how bad  that John Cena promo to close the show out was,  at times it changed subject of  what  it really was intended for, and let’s face it,   Cena’s  is no Punk on the mic, though I can see the point of  the promo was to promote the 30 man Royal Rumble match.         Than you have  everyone saying how good the Rock/Punk promo was.     No question here, the two were gold, and delivered.

–   –  –  It was only Logical for the Shield to attack the Rock during his promo to Punk, as the point was to injure him for their title match at the Royal Rumble.     – – –  Personally, I enjoyed the wrestling action on this episode.     Logical/Creative booking to put the “superstars” in a “beat the clock challenge”.        All  of  those matches delivered,  overall solid wrestling on Monday Night.

Thursday Night Impact Wrestling (1/24/13):

We got some reasoning from Tazz as to why he joined the “Ace’s and eights” in what was a bearable promo, that overall made enough sense to go with it.    Solid wrestling matches, nice Kurt Angle promo.      Great main-event for the TNA World Heavy Weight Championship, that saw  the “Charismatic Enigma” retain his title-belt.     After the match “Aces and eights” attacked Hardy to close the show out.   Overall, a predictable ending, but logical, and understanding.

Friday Night SmackDown (1/25/13): 

Solid addition of  Smackdown, which featured more of  the Rock and CM Punk, a reaptive main-event, though it had it’s moment’s, and overall some solid action in it.    I   suppose the end was logical, as sit foreshadows their last-man standing match at the Royal Rumble.

2013 Royal Rumble: 

If any question was answered in the WWE universe after last-night’s pay-per-view, it’s that WWE’s plans are for  The Rock to face John Cena for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 29 in April, and of course have Cena win it.    As for CM Punk, well there is always a chance WWE could throw a swerve here, and twist things up, add Punk to Rock/Cena match and make it a triple threat match for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.     Than again though, knowing WWE , they probably won’t throw us a swerve.          It should be interesting to see what CM Punk has to say about last-night’s crazy turn of events, oh and it has been annouced by WWE, that  Chairman Vince McMahon will give Paul Heyman a performance review.        There will probably be some punishment from Vince.     – – What  a  RAW  they have in store for us tonight,  along with RAW taking place in Las Vegas tonight,  expect WWE to use their traditional “RAW Roulette” theme.


Thomas Brunt is a sports-wirter, and contributing wrestling journalist for Next

Lance Armstrong may seem like a disgrace, but try to look deeper.. *COLUMN*

Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong (Photo credit: goat karma)

Lance Armstrong may be a disgrace to aspiring cyclists around the world, but he did something so inspiring to some other people around the world with something much more serious at hand.    –  – –   I’m referring to all the cancer patients that could be on the verge of death in the hospital, or receiving treatments to become better.

– – –  This is a much more serious matter here than anything Armstrong has accomplished in his career, whether he took steroids or not, and he did, but the point here is  if  you can look past the world of sports for a minute,  Lance Armstrong may actually be making a difference in some people’s lives, or  giving some hope.

Armstrong, while  a dishonest/cheat on a bike has made up for all his wrong-doings by making a big difference.

This should also come as proof that an athlete can make a difference without accomplishing something in a sport.     Don’t believe me?   Look no further than a case of  life or death.      That’s when it gets serious.   That’s when you are on your knees praying, hoping that God delivers you some glimmer of  hope, a sign that you,  or your loved one will make it.

That’s when it’s different.      It’s different when you know someone-else that is going through the same thing you are.     Those are what should be heroes, not someone who makes an amazing catch in the endzone to win the Super-Bowl, or someone who makes a jumpshot with just seconds to go in-game seven of  the NBA Finals.     Yeah, those are heroes on the court.   But  only on the court, and maybe to those watching the game on T.V.        Don’t get me wrong though, sports are serious when you drive yourself to become better, or the best, or dedicate yourself to every moment with it.

But  only someone who has been there and done that knows how it feels for your life on the line.    You don’t get rematches when you die.         In  Sports, however you do.     Life is a one in done deal.      Heroes are hard to find, often times a hero will look heroic for something they did, but in the end turn out to be a fraud.      Not  Lance Armstrong.      While he may have cheated to win the Tour De France,  he knows what being a cancer-patient feels like.

You don’t get rematches in life.

Armstrong, so to speak has ridden the extra mile on the bike in life that just keeps on going.
Only  he would know how it feels for his life to be on the line, and he knows it’s a much more serious matter than athletic competition.      Get past the fact he used dirty tactics to compete, and find the better person in you, and who knows you might end up making a difference like Lance Armstrong.    He knows how it feels to be a cancer-patient.   Life doesn’t offer second chances like sports do.      This is why  Armstrong has made a difference,  and for so many who need an inspiration like him, you know with their life on the line.

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor in chief for Birdville High Schools “Hawk newspaper” as well as the lead contributing NFL columnist/essayist for “In the” in addition to a  weekly contributer to “Next Era”   You can follow his personal Twitter feed: @ThomasSportsguy, or email him here:

Ravens, Lewis known for dirty style, dirty play could make difference in Super-Bowl *COLUMN*

The Baltimore Ravens play dirty, that’s their identity,  It’s who they’ve become known as, thanks to a certain leader on the team.        The leader’s name?  Ray Lewis of course.   Lewis who is playing in his final game what he say’s will be his final game has just always been a dirty player.

And that’s okay, as long as he doesn’t cross the line,  he hasn’t and I don’t think he will in two weeks, than again I wouldn’t be surprised if he does.    It’s  like it’s in his blood.

It’s like he feels he has a chip on his shoulder all the time.   Not just the every-day chip on the shoulder case that every player may feel they are playing with whether they admit it or not, but it’s like he feels like he has to prove something, he has to show how tough he can be.        He’s dirty, he’s gritty, and that’s exactly  the way Baltimore football should be played; Lewis likes it this way.

Thanks to Lewis, this style of play has ever since becoming a dominant force in the NFL has rubbed off onto the team, it’s been an evolution.

– –  –  He’s made a difference.     And the only way he knows how to.      Dirty playing.      For those wondering, yes, there is a difference between dirty playing and cheating.      Lewis isn’t a cheater, to my knowledge.     Lewis, as a result of this, has made himself mentally tougher than some players,  this does give him an edge over some of the other guy’s.

The  Ravens, like Lewis has that edge,  have an edge of their own, they have Lewis, and his toughness, that very well could be the difference in the Super-Bowl.      – –  –  The question here is can the Ravens use this edge to their advantage?

Will the dirty play-style pay off once more?

Only Ray Lewis will know once he’s suited up and out their on the field against the 49ers.    –  –  –   Football is almost ALL about being tough, the Ravens are that.         It’s hard for me to pick against this team, especially when they have made the “destined” story-line look so real, because they are in the Super-Bowl.           The Ravens are tough.
They have Joe Flacco, yeah, they have a stud running-back, Ray Rice, yeah,  but let’s face it,  ultimately this team has a solid defense.

And on that defense they have a Linebacker known for being tough, and  if you hadn’t noticed,  at times can play dirty.
Will being tougher pay off?

Or will they be just another Super-Bowl team?

The last-time I checked,  Football was a sport of  toughness, and the Ravens are tough.

They also have a player that likes to play dirty.


A few tidbits:

1.  As weird as this “fake girlfriend” thing with Manti’teo has been, I don’t think it’s going to stop NFL scouts from considering him in the Draft, as it doesn’t have anything to do with his ability to perform as a player on the field.

2.  As you all hopefully know by now, Chip Kelly has already inked a deal to become the new head-coach of  the Philadelphia Eagles.   This note though comes as nothing new, though I still felt it should be noted.  The thing here is Kelly originally declined offers from the Eagles, only to (at the time) stay with Oregon.    Kelly would come back to Philadelphia sooner, at least a couple of weeks after rejecting offer.

– –  – Clearly, this was a hesistant decision, and may not end up well in the end for Kelly.

3.  The 49ers have apparently decided to trade-mark: “Kaepernicking” . . . . .    and to think.. it all started out with “Tebowing”.

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor in chief  for Birdville High School’s “Hawk newspaper” as well as the lead contributing NFL columnist/essayist for “In the Neutral”  in addition to a weekly contributor to “Next Era”

Stop making it about the brothers, it’s about the players and the game *COLUMN*

It’s not about the Harbaugh brothers, it’s more about Ray Lewis playing his final game, and how he’s celebrating it, in the Super-Bowl.   – – – Yet, so are  both head-coaches of both team’s, as that’s usually the case, but this time  the opposing coach’s are brothers.     And ever since the Baltimore Ravens convincingly took care of business Sunday night in New England, it’s been all talk about the two brothers, and you know it’s going to remain that way.     You also know the talk of Ray Lewis is  going to remain

– – –  My point here is there is nothing anyone can do to ultimately change the subject of  these intriguing story-lines, as we head into Super-Bowl 47.

Despite me stating that, I’m going ahead to proceed with the improbable and ask that we not make this about  the Harbuagh’s.       –  –  –  Yes, I understand the circumstances here, but they aren’t going to be the one’s out on the field.       They can only do so much, that the credit due is gold.       –  –  –   But mark your boundaries, don’t make it   JUST about Jim and John Harbaugh.     There is more to the Super-Bowl than this, which is something the media is failing to see.      I mean, for  Pete’s sake, you’ve got two team’s with their season on the line, and the only thing you can think of  is  the fact that the head-coaches are brothers?

I understand though why the connection is being made.      I’m not saying it’s not okay to make that connection, but  my opinion is simply that I feel there is to much focus being put on the coaches, and not the players, and what might happen in the game.     I  mean that is why we watch sports, isn’t?       To find out who wins.

–  –  –   And in the end,  it will be one of the Harbuagh’s.



Falcons margin for error to big to overcome this time *COLUMN*

The Falcons were in control of their destiny, they held what was a 17-0  lead over the 49ers in Sunday’s NFC Championship game.   But it all changed, and this time, unlike last time when they allowed Seattle to come back into the game, and won the margin for error was bigger against the 49ers.

This time the Falcons couldn’t afford  it,  they couldn’t overcome the emotions  they overcame vs Seattle, or the team defining moments that ultimately make or break you as a team.    Atlanta played one solid half of football, it went downhill after that, for the Falcons, anyway.       –  – –  The 49ers, though like the Seahawks weren’t going to allow themselves to go down to easily.     Atlanta knew what they had to do.    It was Matt Ryan, at home in the playoffs, how could this game not end their way?      The Falcons’ lead however  demolished.

It went away just like a sand-castle that got destroyed by the waves of  the water on a beach.    And that’s not the way Matt Ryan wanted to go out, or  Falcons’ tight-end, Tony Gonzalez, who said “all good things must come to an end” after the game.

For the Falcons, that’s exactly what happened on Sunday.     –  – –   The lead, the fact they were a half away from heading to the Super-Bowl went away, they left their minds in the first-half, like many teams have before.           It all looked to familiar to Atlanta on Sunday.    The very game of which they held the fate of  in their hands fly away.     It all happened in front of  Tony Gonzalez’s eye’s, too.      This time however, there wasn’t much that could be done.    Tony Gonzalez though, put it perfectly: “all good things must come to an end”.

This time, in the end it was just too much to overcome.

Thomas Brunt is  the sports-editor in chief for Birdville High School’s “Hawk newspaper” as well as the lead contributing NFL columnist for “In the” and a blogger for “Next Era”   You can follow his personal Twitter feed: @ThomasSportsguy, or email him:


Quick Thought: Manti Te’o needs to speak now, and it has to be the truth

Manti Te’o,  it’s time for you to say something, but not just anything.    – –   Give us some reasoning, some logic, would be nice.    Honestly, any further explanation would be nice for a case that just  seems to keep getting weirder and weirder.

None of  this really makes sense, but can tell you all about it.     –  –  – I  have to assume the worst here, and say that Te’o is playing a game with us.

Why would be the question.

And what an excellent question to a very mixed up puzzle.

Did I mention none of this really makes sense?

Manti Te’o,  you are only delaying time, so you may as well just speak now.

Speak now, or forever be known as.. umm.. messed up?

Messed up is exactly what this.

Manti may as well come clean.     What could there be to hide here?

It’s time for you to speak, Te’o, but not just anything, the truth.     – –  –  Besides, your only making it harder on yourself.

Speak now, Teo.

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor in chief for Birdville High School’s school-newspaper: “The Hawk” as well as the lead-contributing NFL columnist for “In the neutral” also a  wrestling-journalist for: “Next Era”.       You can  follow his Twitter feed: @ThomasSportsguy,  or email him here: