Birdville vs Fossil RIdge; Hawks led by Sorrells’ brothers in seasaw battle

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS: The Birdville Hawks (2-0) defeat the Fossil Ridge Panthers (0-2) in Friday night’s non conference basketball game at Birdville High School in a 63-57 home victory.  Hawks senior guard Andrew Sorrells led the way for the main part with 33 points, but perhaps the overlooked hero of the night was Sophomore forward, Will Sorrells who came up large with some blocks and rebounds helping the team out a lot.

“Andrew is real really real good, the key to the game wasn’t just Andrew, but his brother (Will Sorrells)”   The Hawks only real concern came in the beginning of the 2nd half when the Panthers led by as many as 6 points, but Birdville fought back and they fought hard.  The game saw a lot of back and forth seasaw action, but the Hawks pulled it out in the end.

“Basketball is always played in runs” Fitch said.  Birdville played up to the challenge Friday night at home.  More challenges await this team, soon.  Friday night’s game marked the Hawks’ last home game until a January 6th district game vs. Dunbar.  Fitch said he views this as an opportunity to grow as a team.

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Birdville Hoops wins season opener; Sorrells scores 25

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS: Birdville senior guard Andrew Sorrells led the game in scoring with 25 points, helping the Hawks soar past opponent Saginaw in the season opener in a 66-50 victory. “We just got to go out on a bang” Senior BJ Gomez said.   The way the Hawks played in front of a packed home crowd suggests they did go out on a bang.  Gomez, behind DJ Drapper and Sorrells led the team’s charge hitting  a couple of momentum shifting three pointers when Saginaw tried to claw back. The charge though  was limited  to sloppy turnovers. “It was a first game type of game,” said head coach Jeff Fitch “They are a tough team, they do some things that are a little unorthodox” Fitch added.

Birdville falls short, but soars high

I may never understand it, but that’s ok, I think that’s how it’s supposed to be.  I’m a reporter, nothing more. The Birdville Hawks football team lost in the first game of the playoffs on Friday night vs. a competitive Denton High School team.  The Hawks struggled for most the game to get anything started offensively.  The Hawk defense didn’t the team any favors, either.

As a result of these two failed components, Birdville found themselves trailing the Broncos 40-13 going into the fourth quarter. Star running back senior Isaiah Duarte finally got going when the game was a bit out of hand. The stud running back scored two of his four touchdowns in the final quarter, helping a desperate Hawks team rally 13 of 19 total comeback points which fell  a little short in the end.

Sometimes that’s life. Sometimes you don’t like hearing things you need to hear. Sometimes you try to deny what’s really there because you don’t want to believe it.   The same thinking can be applied here to the Senior football players who played their hearts and guts out all season long.

The scoreboard reflects a lot, sometimes.  Others, it doesn’t.  The legacy of a football career like the ones of the senior players don’t show up on the scoreboard, that’s unfortunate.  Football is much more, so much more I can’t explain myself.   Me? I’m just a spectator.  Birdville may have lost to Denton, but the Hawks still soared high.

Trojans and Dragons both comeback from behind

Two of the top ranked teams in the state of Texas in High School Football, the Trojans of Euless Trinity and the Southlake Carroll Dragons won their playoff games and both had to comeback from behind to win them.  The Trojans mounted a late comeback in the second half vs underdog opponent South Grand Prairie, who almost unexpectedly upset Trinity from the playoffs in what seemed like a blow out in the early goings.   Southlake came back from 17 down in the final quarter to oust Mansfield.  Both teams completed impressive comebacks in their quests to victory, both trailed their opponent by double digits, that’s just High School Football at it’s finest in Texas.

The problem with Radical Christianity

Upon reflecting in my spare-time lately, I have been thinking and praying.     One of the main topics I feel the Lord has placed on my heart is obedience.  Obedience is an absolute key to being a faithful Christian. Obedience is a non negotiable.   Every Christ follower must obey the Lord and his calling in their life, but not everyone will follow Jesus the same way.

Some people are called to live deeply radical lives in following the Lord, like the apostles who left their family, homes, and possessions behind for Jesus.

It can be easy to forget the Gospel and be persuaded by some supremely radical calling that while it definitely has some Biblical keys, isn’t for everyone.

The problem with “Radical” is that it can replace the Gospel.  Don’t get me wrong, we are all called to die to self and witness the Gospel, but let’s be careful we aren’t just going the way the rest of the world is.  Keep in mind young Christian, we live in an always changing world, we don’t necessarily have to have the “next best or biggest thing” we just need Christ.

Texas wants wins now column

The Texas Longhorns want success right away. Give Charlie some time.  If anyone should know, it should be Texas champions aren’t made over night, much less dynasties.   Fans in Austin are quick to jump the gun, in any situation which right now is a good one for them.   The Longhorns’ 33-16 undertaking of the West Virginia Mountaineers on Saturday has many folks surprised, especially since they beat a Mountaineers team who handed the #6 Baylor Bears their first and so far only loss of the season.  Don’t jump the gun in a crazy college football season. Texas A&M’s win over #3 Auburn on Saturday is plenty proof.  If that’s not enough, just ask Alabama coach Nick Saban whose team rallied on the last possession of regulation with no timeouts left, the Tide went 65 yards for a score against LSU.  We could go on and talk about the craziness of the TCU-Baylor ranking, but that’s another story for another time.   The Longhorns have plenty to cheer about in Austin, just don’t jump the gun.

Birdville vs Denton High School

The Birdville Hawks (6-4 overall), (4-1 in district) will take on the Denton Broncos (7-2) (4-2 in district) on Friday, November 14th, 7:30 at Northwest ISD Stadium for the District 6-5A bi round playoff game.  The Hawks are led firstly by senior running back, Isaiah Duarte who has been running in former running-back Xavier Turner’s footprints, rushing for over 1700 yards on the season, and has crossed the goal-line over 20 times.  It’s easy to forget the Birdville passing game when looking at their ability to run the ball. The Hawks offense is engineered by Sophomore Quarterback Clayton Beeter.   Beeter stepped in at mid season, replacing former starter Will Hayward.   Birdville’s passing game has become more mobile since the change. Hayward’s ability to run has served the team well better at the receiver position.   The Broncos can play offense, too though and that’s part of why they are a fierce team.
 “They are big and physical,”  “We’ll have to play physically tough,”  Assistant Coach Bonner said.  “They like to pound (the football), they can do it both,”  added Bonner.  The Hawks will need to be at their best to match the toughness of the Broncos.  For Birdville, the road to December only gets tougher each game.