Bobcats vs. Hawks Tournament quick recap

TROPHY CLUB  TEXAS:    – – – The Byron Nelson Bobcats defeated the Birdville Hawks 55-47 on Thursday afternoon’s  “Byron Nelson Winter Classic” tournament game.

Random notes: 

  •  In the last six games, the Hawks are 4-2 

The Hawks have really been competing at a top-notch level as of  late, this is a good sign



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NFL Week 16 thoughts *COLUMN*

NFL  week 16 reactions/thoughts column by contributing NFL columnist Thomas Brunt: 

Thank the New York Giants, thank the Cowboys themselves for that three game win-streak; either-way,  the Cowboys, amazingly still have a chance.

This puts them  in a similar position just like they we’re at this point last-season.     Only this time for the Boys’, it comes down to the Washington Redskins, not the New York Giants.   The last-time the two clubs met, it was the Thanksgiving game; the Skins’ won, despite a hefty-loaded effort by the  Cowboys in the second-half.   The Redskins got out in control of the Cowboys early in that one, and seemed as if they we’re going to end up dominating them.

Thanks to a second-wind though, Garrett’s team wasn’t going to go away so quickly in that one;  however their effort wasn’t enough in the end.    The Cowboys, as a result walked away the gobbled turkeys that time,  now that’s in the past, and behind the Cowboys who have looked stronger in recent weeks, even in a  home-loss on Sunday to the Saints.    Dallas did just about everything they could to win; Romo and the Boys’ however fell a tad short.

After Dallas lost, they had no longer had control over their own destiny;  however that would only stand valid for three hours.     The New York Giants opened the door for the Cowboys, by losing a 33-14 blowout to the Baltimore Ravens.      So  in other words;  there is still a chance, yes.     That chance that of which remains after all this crazy turn of events,  yes a big reason in part of the G-Men,  of course; but let’s not forget that three game winning streak Garrett and the Boys’  were able to accumulate  first of all without that win -streak in place;  the Cowboys would not even have been in a position to end up facing the Skins’ for a  do-or die situation.     Oh, and thank the Giants, other-wise that 3 game win-streak would mean nothing at this point.      It almost meant nothing, well it did mean nothing.   For three hours, anyway; but a Giant loss changed everything.

The Giants had it, and then lost it:

The New York Giants had everyone fooled;  they looked like the defending world-champions from last-season.    Coughlin’s G-Men started out 6-2;  they are now 8-7 , and have lost games in a row.     – –  This two game losing-streak couldn’t have come in a worse time; as they’ve been sandwiched in what has  been an intense three-way tie for first place in the NFC East, their chances of  making the post-season are quite slim.

Making a case for the Denver Broncos to be the best team in the NFL now:    The Broncos, led by veteran/future hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning have been on a roll.    Denver, once a  1-3 team,  has pulled together nine wins in a row, that’s impressive.

– – – If there were  any doubts that Manning may not look so “Manningish” this season, as you can see now; that’s no longer a concern.   Manning has tossed for 34 touchdowns on the season,  and he is a major reason to the Broncos’ successes.       It seems that a late October Monday Night Football game is what triggered this team to further heights.

Touching on the Subject of  the NFL MVP:  – –  While Lions‘ wide-receiver Calvin Johnson and Vikings‘ running-back Adrian Peterson have both been breaking records at their own respectable positions, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, though not breaking records like the others, none the less, he’s had  a solid-season, solid-enough that could earn him an MVP award   As I mentioned a  section ago: this team has been playing as solid as they have because of  Manning.    This certainly  isn’t  the easiest decision here, but I would go with Peterson, because of  the comeback story he  has made, from having surgery last-season; to doing what he’s been doing this season.


Redskins’ rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III,  Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, and Colts’ rookie quarterback  Andrew Luck have all had outstanding seasons.     – –  –  Out of the three though, Wilson has accounted for the most touchdown throws at 25, add that with 3 rushing touchdowns as well.    Griffin would come in at second.   The Baylor Bear graduate has passed for 20 touchdowns, with only 5 picks (Wilson has ten picks) along with 6 rushing touchdowns;  this makes a grand total of 26 touchdowns on the season for RG3.    – – – Coming in at last, is the Stanford Cardinal, Andrew Luck.    – – – Luck has set a record for most passing yards by a rookie in a single season.     He has also scored a grand total of  27 touchdowns (21 passing; 6 rushing).     With the stats these rookies have been putting up this season, this is undoubtedly the year of the ROOKIE in the NFL. 

Two Things: 

1. Andy Reid told the Philadelphia Media/Press the other-day that quarterback Nick Foles has broken hand, therefore  yes, there’s a chance that Micheal Vick may start in place of an injured Foles.

2. Merry Christmas to everyone, thanks for reading my COLUMNS on here (ahem).

My  POST apocalyptic thoughts:   we’re still alive, yay (translation):  You didn’t really think the world was going to end, now did you?

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NFL MVP Talk: – – AP Vs. Johnson

As  the NFL regular-season winds down, talk about the NFL MVP award is becoming a hotter and hotter topic.    – – – No worries, the Sportsguy has you covered with his analysis and insight on the NFL MVP: 

Making a case for  Calvin Johnson:    Johnson did it in what was an unusual “Monday Night Football game” on a Saturday night;  by breaking NFL Hall Of Fame wide-receiver, Jerry Rice’s record for the most receiving yards in a single-season; congratulations to Johnson, though it should be noted that he only has 5 touchdowns on the season.   –  – –   Maybe it would be enjoyable for Johnson, and Lions’ fans  if  the team had at least a winning-record with a chance for them to go to the playoffs.       Detroit may not have the playoffs to look forward to, but.. hey… stats aren’t  a  bad consolation prize, either, you know.


Making  a Case for Adrian Peterson:   Peterson, to put it simply plays on a team with a  crappy quarterback who is married to a hot reporter.   – —   The former OU Sooner has run for 1812 yards on the season, along with 11 touchdowns on the season.      Though at a  different position, Peterson still has 6 more touchdowns than Johnson, that could unfairly be the deciding factor in all this MVP talk.

Thoms Brunt is the sports-editor for Birdville High School’s student school-paper: “The Hawk”   as well as a contributing NFL columnist for In the neutral   You should follow his Twitter space: @ThomasSportsguy, or email him here:




49ers don’t need Peyton Manning

As it turns out the Fourty-Niners never really needed Peyton Manning, written by NFL columnist, Thomas Brunt: 

The San Francisco 49ers don’t need Peyton Manning and that’s evident.   The team has won football games with two quarterbacks.  Some might argue that Kaepernick has done better than Alex Smith; though the fact of the matter is simply that Smith won games, too.

– – – Once Smith was healed from the injury;  and after Kapernick had already started a game; a decision to unplug Smith was officially made.    The man has won the team games, and in impressive style, too.   The Niners’ don’t need Smith, and they never needed Peyton Manning either,   at least now it would seem to be that case, anyway.      Manning seems to fit perfectly in the Rocky Mountains; but that’s another story.   – – –  Collin Kaepernick is dangerous, because he is explosive not just with his arm; but also on his feet.

– – – The running-tool isn’t one of  Smith’s better tools; like it is for Kaepernick.   – –   Smith, while efficient in most of his starts, couldn’t ever be defined as  one   of  the NFL’s elite quarterbacks,  not to say that Kaepernick already is one, but it’s probably time to start at least considering that, especially after what he did to New-England.     Big time quarterbacks put on big time performances;   that’s exactly what he (Kaepernick) did in that game.       The Fourty-Niners, while making it so hard on themselves to search for gold during the off-season,  were forced to put Kaepernick in due to an Alex Smith injury later on in the season.   –  –  – It didn’t take long for Kaeperinck to exceed expectations of  the critics, and media etc.

If there is one thing that of  which we have learned during this season for the 49ers, it’s that they didn’t need Peyton Manning; they’ve got what they need in Collin Kaepernick.

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor in chief  for Birdville High School’s student newspaper: ” The Hawk” as well as a contributing NFL-columnist for;  you can follow his personal Twitter space here: @ThomasSportsguy; or email him here:







Hamilton needs Rangers more than Rangers needed him *COLUMN*

Josh Hamilton needs the Texas Rangers;  more than the Rangers need Hamilotn   –  – –    They truely cared about him.      –  –  – – The Rangers  treated him as if  it was a family; but all he cares about is a shiny World-Series ring.   – – – This has triggered a big vast of hate from Rangers’ fans.      All this hate reminds me of  LeBron James when signing with the Miami Heat.     Well, maybe that hate was more dramatic.   From burning jerseys to the owner of the team wishing bad things about the future of the NBA All-Star,  hate was rapid in  that situation;  hate from Rangers’ fans is running rapid from Rangers’ fans as well in this situation.

With all the hate that is running rapid from all the Texas Rangers’ fans;  Hamilton might as well rot in Anaheim.    Call it now:  Through the first 30 games of the season Hamilton won’t be slugging; rather he’ll be sluggish.   Hamilton will struggle to make a case for his name for July’s  MLB all-star game, but he’ll make it, not convincingly, though.    This is like getting coal for Texas fans, this is exactly the opposite for Angels’ supporters who if I re-call correctly; predicted they would win the AL West last-season (The A’s ended up winning the AL West). 

The Rangers, though thanks to the help of  one Baseball’s more solid lineups once again made a run at it in the AL West.   Though falling short to the eventual AL West Champions, the Oakland A’s the Rangers still made it their third year in a row to be in contention of  the American league West Championship.

The Los Angeles Angels will suffer;  Hamilton will feel the pain and suffering of  a rotting franchise, who  are desperate.   Josh Hamilton will soon realize that he can’t go without the strong support of  his former Texas Rangers’ teammates, and fans.      He’ll soon be begging, and asking for help,  and guidance that of which the Angels will fail to have.     Because you see, the Angels only care about winning; that’s fine though, but at least the Rangers treated him more like apart of the family than Anaheim will ever be able to do so.    The Rangers cared; and without the sight and help from the good old Texas Rangers,  Hamilton will suffer, along with the Angels; at least he followed his pride, if anything.    – –  –  See you in rehab, Hamilton.

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NFL Week 16 Big games: Power-Rankings *Column* sports-columnist Thomas Brunt  predicts the scores for SOME NFL games, each week: 

Disregarding the Mayan calender;  here are my picks for the top games from week 16:

New York Giants at Baltimore Ravens:   – – – Both team’s haven’t been playing to well lately, with that being said; both team’s could use a win now.    – – –  Their can only be one winner,  and while the Ravens haven’t been looking good at all these past few weeks also needing a win, the G-Men are in a desperate situation, with the current three-way tie in the NFC East.. Giants must win.    Final Score Prediction:  Giants: 19-Ravens: 14.

Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints: – – –  If  the Saints win; does that mean the head-coaching job will open up for Sean Payton in Dallas?         Jerry Jones may not be committed to Jason Garrett longer if the Boys’ can’t beat the Saints on Sunday, and  there’s absolutely no reason to think that  Jones wouldn’t go looking for a legitimate head-coach replacement like *(Cough)*:   Sean Payton.    Do the Saints really want to win this game?    – – –    Dallas has recently started to get some-things going on offense lately,  if  they want to keep their playoff chances alive; they’ll  have to do that again in this one.       It should be noted that the Cowboys won Sunday’s game vs. the Steelers thanks to a key interception, (really a field-goal) but the pick set them up).    IF  the Cowboys’ defense can get pressure on Brees and force him to make some bad decisions,  Dallas just might extend the current three game winning-streak to four.        – – – It’s not who’s doing good at season’s start, middle, but near the end of the season,  Dallas has been that hot team near the end of the season.  – – Why not pick them to win again?

Final Score:  35-24 (Cowboys)

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks:  – – –   This game, besides having playoff implications surronding it; could go a long way in helping decide the winner of the AFC West.    With the 49ers currently in first place in the division;  the Seahawks will need to win this game.

Final Score Prediction:  Seattle: 25-San Francisco: 17

Now on to my power-rankings:  

First though:  The last few weeks of the NFL Regular-Season are here, and it’s all about positioning.   – – – Who will put themselves in a good situation; a situation to win?   – – – We shall find out. 

Top Ten:

#1:  Houston Texans 12-2:  – – – Some people just can’t seem to take this team seriously, or is Matt Schaub they can’t take seriously?  Either way, the Texans despite the haters, have managed to succeed with flying colors this season.  – – –   The Texans seem to be going in the right direction after what was a successful season for them last-season, going to the playoffs for the first-time in franchise history; there’s no question this team is headed in the right direction here.

#2:  San Francisco 49ers 10-3-1:  The 49ers have expected Kapernick to lead them towards victory; that’s what he’s done.  – – – Now can he come up big one more time against Seattle with a possible NFC West Title up for grabs?

#3:  New England Patriots: 10-4:     The Patriots showed us they can compete one half of  a game  against one of the NFC’s more legit teams on Sunday Night football; the 49ers.  – – – Though, it shouldn’t be forgotten to be said that this defense has some holes, while their offense can put points up on the board with an explosive offense,  a defense is what stops team’s from scoring.    – – – None the less,  New England is and for a long-time now has usually been dominant in the NFL, look for it to continue for a while.

#4:  Denver Broncos: 11-3:   This team was once 1-3; yeah.  – – – This might just be the best team that Manning has played on, since the 2006 Super-Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts.   – – – The  Broncos have won games because of  Manning’s leadership and ability to play the quarterback role.

#5:  Atlanta Falcons: 12-2:   The Falcons need one more win to clinch home field advantage and the No.1 seed in the NFC;  a 49ers loss to the Seahawks on Sunday would have the same effect.

#6:  Green Bay Packers: 10-4:   – – – The Packers, after a slow-start to the season have been back on track.    – – – Lately, no one has really been able to stop this team, and it’s all due to the MVP style of play from quarterback Aaron Rodgers.   This team will make a deep run into the playoffs; just watch.  As  noted, this team’s biggest concern is at OL; they should be okay.

#7: Seattle Seahawks:  8-6:  Regardless of whether they don’t deserve a certain win from earlier in the season or not; this team has been just flat-out dominating.   Two games with 50 + points.   – – – This team can score, and they have a solid defense; they must have to have been able to beat their opponent, the Arizona Cardinals 58-0 two weeks ago.

#8:  New York Giants: 8-6:   Is Coughlin on the red-seat if the G-Men don’t end up in the playoffs this season?  No way, not after a Super-Bowl season.   – – – The Giants, as you can probably detect are on the verge of  NOT making the post-season; as they are currently sandwiched in a 3-way tie in the NFC East.     –  – – Honestly though,  I don’t know about you; but I can’t figure this team out.

#9:  Cincinnati Bengals:  8-6:   Remember when this team  couldn’t buy a win before they drafted Andy Dalton  – –  –  Dalton made an immediate impact in just his rookie-season; not the impact that of which RG3 has made for the Skins’ though, but never the less, an impact enough to be felt.    – –  If I re-call correctly,  the former TCU Horned-Frog led the Bengals to the playoffs last-season as a rookie.

#10:  Baltimore Ravens: 9-5:  Joe Flacco said  last week: “We feel like we’re 0-14”  Yeah, well they’re not, clearly.      Always impressed with Baltimore’s ability to play with the upper-echelon of the team’s in the NFL; simply because  they Belong in that group.   Though I feel like the topic of a  fading defense should be discussed.   –  – –  Listen, or better yet; read closely here:   THE BALTIMORE RAVEN’S DEFENSE ISN’T FADING, as long as Ray Lewis is there; they’ll be just okay.    Though he’s aging, he’s at the point now where he’s able to make that strong impact that veterans like him are only able to make, that’s what is going to keep this team moving.


Bottom Two: 

#31:  Jacksonville Jaguars:  – – 2-12:   How many team’s have scored more than the Jaguars have this season?  – – ( 30 other teams).

#28:  Buffalo Bills:  The Bills have an awful defense; there needs to be a lot of change made in Buffalo, and they have an overrated quarterback, but hey at least he’s not as bad as their defense.


Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor in chief  for Birdville High School’s school-paper: “The Hawk”  as well as an inside reporter for his school-sports; also a contributing sports-columnist for “” and an aspiring news-paper sports writer/editor/columnist.    You can email him you’re NFL Mailbag questions here:, or follow his personal Twitter feed: @ThomasSportsguy