LeBron in Miami for his own selfish reasons

A lot of people may  or may not be wondering if my opinion on LeBron James has changed since he won a ring last-season, and to be faithfully  honest with my audience here, it hasn’t.     You know in your heart of hearts, that in order for the self-proclaimed King to remain at the top he’ll have to do even more.       While LeBron doesn’t  carry the monkey of failing to single-handedly lead a franchise to NBA gold anymore,  the monkey remains there in Cleveland.       That’s probably something  LeBron thinks about everyday, but hides it with the success he is achieving in Miami.  Take the ring he won last Summer for example.   But don’t hide it LeBron, we know your demons haven’t been 100% exercised yet,  ironically, that’s exactly why you landed in Florida in the first place.     Would he even be here had he enjoyed winning a title or two, dare I say three in Cleveland?   Likely not.   LeBron didn’t care about teaming with a great talent on the court like Dwayne Wade, or a special talent like Chris Bosh,  he cared and still only cares about himself.

He doesn’t see this as an opportunity to win a title as a team; rather for his own selfish reasons.   He was tired of  being Mr. Loyal in Cleveland,  he  was tired of falling short,  being second best.   Finally, the gasket blew for LeBron and after 7 years,  he didn’t  think about where his heart was, he started thinking about his own selfish-reasons, and goals.
Sorry to break it to you Miami, but LeBron isn’t a king.




Mr.McMahon and Brock Lesnar…

Brock Lesnar, the man whom once had to beg the Chairman of the Board of  WWE for a match against former WCW wrestler, and former WWE World Heavy Weight Champion, Bill Goldberg at WrestleMania 20  is now feuding with McMahon’s son-in-law,  Triple H, 9 years later, of course.   After wrestling that match against Goldberg, which received abysmal reviews from wrestling critics, the Minnesotan left the company to pursue a career in Pro Football, which didn’t turn out to well for him, but he went back to Pro Wrestling,  just not with WWE.   – – –   In 2005,  Lesnar signed a contract with New Pro Japan wrestling,  his stint,  there, however was much shorter lived  than his first run with  the global phenomenon, World Wrestling Entertainment.

Next thing you know,  Brock Lesnar signs a contract with the UFC.    – – –  Lesnar may have felt he had something to prove, that he took competition seriously, or that he felt what he did in Wrestling was very real to him.      The once promoted “Next Big Thing” didn’t disappoint, as he went on to claim the UFC Heavy-Weight title, whether or not it was a fluke,  there shouldn’t be any denial that the UFC is the real deal.       Not only did he do that, but Lesnar accomplished a State Championship in High School wrestling, and he won it all at the collegiate level at the university of  Minnesota.

Lesnar was a heavily scouted prospect for McMahon’s Juggernaut.      Brock told Vince, according to McMahon himself in an interview from 2004 that Lesnar wanted to either:  Go to WWE, or go to the NFL.     McMahon made sure to tag the monster.    He did.    He also made him the youngest WWE Champion in WWE history (24 years old).      Lesnar would go on to impress many pro-wrestling fans for 2 years.    For two years Lesnar was at the top of the company, feuding with the company’s top wrestlers,  with guy’s like the Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, Hulk Hogan, The Rock).     That shows a lot of promise for someone who’s first stint with the company was his first two years.     Lesnar, however got tired of traveling, or the people involved with the company, or just people themselves.     Brock left, he walked out on Vince McMahon, who gave him something Vince hasn’t given any wrestler quite that quick in their career before.

He spat in his face, rejected him.

Than he came back the night after WrestleMania 28, and he attacked the face of the company, John Cena.    Brock could have very well been the face of this company for the past nine years,  but he rejected that.

That might be the reason there is some bad-blood between McMahon and Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar is no entertainer, he made sure to remind Vince McMahon about that at the end of last month’s last episode of Monday Night RAW.        Now he has the chance to tell his son-in law how he feels.

He’s a monster.

He’s Brock Lesnar.

Dirk Nowitzki’s aging could be the reason the Championship roster blew up, not Cuban

Dirk Nowitzki was asked about retirement plans the other day, on a local news report, and he himself, the great German was questioning how much he has left in his body.    Now that interview may or may not have provoked fear into some, or all Mavs’ fans after hearing that, but let’s be honest here, it’s not something that should come as  a surprise to anybody, we knew, that realistically, the 2011 Mavericks championship run was likely Dirk’s last shot, his last- realistic shot at glory, and this is whether or not Mark Cuban did have anything to do with “blowing up the Mavericks Championship roster”.       Though not even I can lie, that was a good team, and  when Nowitzki had his off-games in the Finals, and he did, he had his backup to count on.    In the monkey killer of  game 6,  Nowitzki struggled to look even okay.     He had backup; he  had Jason Terry.    The Mavericks, in case you have been living under a rock, no longer have Terry, anymore.    He’s not the only one they lost.      – –  –    And it shouldn’t take rocket science to figure out why others decided to leave the team.         A leader was aging, and hey, I guess you can’t completely blame them for leaving, they knew he didn’t have too much gas left.



Thoughts on what Hamilton said

Make no sound for Josh Hamilton, he craves the attention, yes, even the Boo’s.      –  – –  –  Not a single sound,  be like a crowd of crickets.     Hamilton obviously wants the attention because he started it all by saying Texas isn’t a true Baseball state, comparing it to other places  like: Boston and New York.   Be silent, be smart, give Hamilton nothing because that’s what he deserves.    The big problem I have with what Hamilton said is he is  comparing the Rangers’ franchise which has only been around in the great state of  Texas since the 70’s (as the Texas Rangers).     You compare them to the Yankees who have been around like a cockroach in terms of baseball franchise’s existence, and the same could be said for Boston, I guess.     My point is the Rangers haven’t had that much time.      Make no noise for Josh Hamilton, he deserves nothing.



MJ coming back to NBA would make him look bad

Micheal Jordan shouldn’t come back and play in the NBA,  because now, and for quite some time he’s been the Babe Ruth of  Basketball.     – –  While coming back to the league wouldn’t kill the legacy he’s already submitted,  it would weaken his image as a player.    As  I wrote Saturday, there isn’t a question as to if  he can still play, because he can, he beat Michael Gil-Kidd Christ one on one.     I’d like to see him do it consistently through 82 matchups, because that’s what it would take.     – – –  I’m not trying to underestimate Jordan, it’s just that realistically, we’re talking about a 50-year-old man,  and basketball is a sport that requires a ton of endurance and stamina,  there is no way Jordan still has that, to an extent he does, but not enough to play in the NBA throughout the course of an 82 game regular season, and + some (if necessary).       I’m sorry, I just can’t imagine Jordan doing that.     The time he’s taken off has been precious, and if he were to return he wouldn’t look so high on the throne anymore, but hey, humility is a great-thing.


Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor in chief for Birdville High School’s school-paper: “The Hawk” as well a contributing writer for “Next Era Wrestling.Weebly.com” You can follow his personal Twitter feed: @ThomasSportsguy, you can email him here: thesportsguy.brunt2@gmail.com


Could Jordan still play at 50? Could he really?

Could Micheal Jordan indeed still play at 50?   That’s the thought some are probably pondering right now, and understandable so, after a 50 year old Micheal Jordan beat a hot-shot NBA rookie, Micheal Gil-Kid-Christ one on one, and in convincing fashion, too, but  a simple-one on one match-up isn’t anything compared to an 82 game regular season.     Plus, now he’s the Babe Ruth of  Basketball, so  if  Jordan were to come back at this point and  maybe even start and fall flat in a return he may be the laughing-stock of the NBA.      His legacy though would still be the same.    So I guess the question here would be: Would it be worth it?    Maybe.      Than you have to factor in all the other things, like Health.     There isn’t  a single question that Jordan is still in great shape, but not in tip-top shape,  there is just no chance.     I have my doubts about his health.     But his game?   I’d say he’s still got that.



WWE 13 Universe Mode Dream card for MITB

MONEY IN THE BANK pay-per-view card:

World Heavy Weight Championship Money In The Bank Ladder Match:

Dolph Ziggler  vs.  Shawn Micheals vs. Sheamus vs. Kane vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Nash

USA Championship:   Cody Rhodes vs. Jack Swagger

European Championship:  Wade Barrett vs. Drew McIntyre

IC Championship: Rey Mysterio vs. Goldust

WWE Undisputed Championship Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
John Cena vs. Ryback vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. TripleH vs.  The Rock

World Heavy Weight Championship:   Randy Orton vs. The Big Show  ( Street-Fight)

Undisputed Championship:  CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar  (Vince McMahon as special-referee/Paul Heyman ringside).