The retreat

OK, I realize it’s been a while since I posted on here. I apologize for that.  Just as I wrote the last time, and (for those who  know me)  would expect, I’m in college. When we last left off, I had asked for you to pray for me as I was going on a retreat.

Now that we have laid that out, I first want to thank you for your prayers.   Now onto the main subject of this post: The retreat.  Here I am, 3 weeks later finally writing about the amazing retreat I was on.

I really don’t know where to start off with this, so I guess I will just write.  I went with a friend’s college BSM, during the weekend of October 3-4. The weekend featured plenty of fellowship, food, worship, small group, personal quiet time with God, testimonies, preaching, and group/teamwork.

As you might expect, it featured many of the things most retreats do.  It’s always awesome to see God at work (in any way, I should add) but especially in retreats.  It was a time we got to spend away from the community, and left behind many of the normal everyday distractions that often compete with our attention to God.

 Here are a  couple things I feel I should add:  Retreats are necessary for the Christian, especially today now more than ever with all the distractions in our world. Retreats are necessary, yes, and you probably get what you would call a “Spiritual high” after attending these, but don’t live based solely off of emotions. The Christian’s relationship with God the Father shouldn’t be like a Middle School relationship.  Delight daily in Christ, and hide yourself in his word each day, and learn to number your days, for we know not our timetables.