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— I will do my best to provide you (readers) the best I can, I may lose my Wi-Fi connection at times thorough out  the game, but I will try to tweet some on the game, during the game from my smart-phone (Android).


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Birdville To Play Dunbar High for Homecoming game on Sept.21

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS:  The Birdville Hawks are scheduled to play the Dunbar High School Wildcats for this season’s home-coming game which is on September 21rst.

— Dunbar, behind the Hawks are said to be the runner-ups to the Hawks in the newly realigned district and could be a possible threat for the district title, but it’s all up to the Wildcat’s defense if they want to stop the top dogs (the Birdville Hawks).


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Peyton Manning isn’t going to last 16 games this season,  not this time after all the hits he’s taken, and not to mention his current state of health.   Though, you can argue that he’s been there and has done that, but in the end none of it really matters because after three neck surgeries, you’d be wise to think that the Broncos need a Super-Man O-Line.

Manning is taking a huge risk out there, but it’s because he loves the game of Football; and he’s willing to therefore take the risk of possibly getting paralyzed.

May there be a reminder that one accident is all it takes, and.. the next thing Manning knows; he can’t move at all.

At this rate for Manning, this is the last-thing Team Dr’s want him to do.

Now more than ever, Peyton Manning is fragile, just like a flower-vase, he’s putting his body, and his health on the line, all just because he wants to play some football.

— But why, when he can simply just play with a group of his friends out in his backyard?

He wants real competition (no offence to his friends) he wants to play against the best of the best pro football players, and this is the place to do it.


Peyton didn’t want to stay in Indianapolis because he knew that they were highly considering drafting Andrew Luck, during his 16 game stint on the side-line last-season.

He knew that in the health he’s in, that it would be an extremely tough challenge.

Manning made the decision to tuck and run for it, on 4rth down and 10 yards to go by signing with the Broncos.

Peyton Manning may have hurdled the first tackle; but he still has another one to avoid, can his body that has been apart of this grueling NFL for 13 years keep up again and then a couple or maybe even a few more seasons at this point?

I just don’t think so.

Can Peyton Manning‘s body take another 16 game season of hard-hits, especially after three neck-surgeries?


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NFL Storylines to keep an eye on this season

Thomas Brunt’s NFL Storylines to keep an eye on this season: 

The Mark Sanchez/Tim Tebow New York Jets Soap Opera Begins:   Expect a lot of unexpected things.  Or expect Tim Tebow to respect Mark Sanchez.  Expect Mark Sanchez to get jealous of  Tim Tebow if  at some-point Sanchez’s performance isn’t worthy of  Ryan’s  team.   This will be interesting, or it should be at least.   


The Giants and their inconsistencies:

The Giants, for whatever the reason may be; seem to start sluggish in the begging of the season, and get in a losing streak, Eli looking like fried toast with the secondaries picking him off, and getting sacked, what have you.

— Until hmm.. say the last five or six games of the season; things start to fall in place.    One thing I have certainly learned from watching this team; don’t count them out.

Remember folks,  Tom Coughlin has been considered on the  “Red Hot Seat” a couple of times, but he shuts that talk up in a giant way by winning the Super-Bowl.  (2007, 2012).     — Well, umm,.. at least this team is consistently inconsistent?



The Cowboys and Dez Bryant:

Dallas has put Dez Bryant on a leash.  That’s all I need to say about that; other-than it’s all  because of  his maturity  issues.   If there is anything that I have learned from this case; it’s definitely  that Dallas isn’t going to take any crap.   For Dez, there are no excuses, he knows how to act; but he’s choosing to be stupid.


Tom Brady looks to get the Patriots on the rebound after losing the Super-Bowl to the Giants:

One of the greatest Quarterbacks in the history of the NFL  in Tom Brady has a chip on his shoulder, and it’s something that every-team that loses the Super-Bowl has to deal with coming into the next-season.

— I’m 100% sure that if  the Patriots where to win the Super-Bowl this (coming) season, against someone other than the Giants, Tom Brady would be just fine; in the fact that it wouldn’t be revenge on the G-Men.

So in other words; Tom Brady doesn’t have a chip on shoulder because he’s 0-2 against the Giants in the Super-Bowl; but because they lost the Super-Bowl period last-season, and that’s the bottom line.  I don’t think it would have mattered at all who they lost it to, the thing is they lost it, but as long as they win it, hey it’s the Super-Bowl, and everyone on the team’s a winner when (if) you win that game.

Is Cam Newton the Real Deal for Real?:

There is no doubt that the guy put up simply amazing numbers just for a rookie last-season, but the big question here is was that a fluke, or is he the guy to save the Carolina Panthers franchise that seemingly is still down the drain (even after his phenomenal rookie season last-season).

And Last but not Least:

Terrell Owens and whatever team he ends up with:

…. Owens was with Seattle, but according to a Tweet from the former 49er’s receiver, he got cut from the team.  — What’s next now for the Future Hall Of Fame Football player?   (And for those wondering, no I highly doubt he’ll grow out of his own ego.

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Birdville Hawks Football preview (Varsity team)

The Birdville Hawks start yet another season off with  Head Coach Jim Skinner, who has  led  the Hawks to seven consecutive winning seasons.

— At helm for the Hawks this season, will be Senior Justin Martin, who played wide-receiver last-season, to former Hawk Quarterback E.A Northey.

— Birdville is in a new district this season, with no one that really apposes any serious threat like  Aledo of last-season did, while the Hawks may be in a district they may be able to take advantage of  all the teams, quarterback Justin Martin thinks otherwise: “We still have to go out and take care of business no matter what team we play”, said Martin.


Birdville opens their new season out with a chance to get some payback against the  team that knocked them out of the playoffs last season, Arlington Heights on Friday night:

” It’s a good feeling, but we just have to take it game by game and not focus so much as revenge but more of just another game”,  said Martin when asked about his feelings of getting a chance to beat the team that ended their season-last November.

Overall, the Hawks would seem to have an easy schedule,  as they have both a strong offense and a defense with some play makers.  The Offense including what should be another solid running game, and another very solid passing game.  This team will have the ability to rip apart defenses in their district all season long.


Key Players include: RB Xaiver Turner, QB Justin Martin, LB Nicholas Dusak, LB Sam Gooch,  LB Quan Walter, and OT Joas Aguilar.


Thomas Brunt covers the Birdville Hawks athletics; follow him on Twitter here: @SPORTSDUDE350 

Birdville Guy’s Basketball Notes 7/27/12

It was announced  today that Birdville’s Men’s varsity basketball team will play in a Tournament at Brewer High School on  the following days: September 8th (a Saturday), September 9th (a Sunday), and than again at Burleson Centennial on September 25.

  • Birdville (Guy’s) Basketball Varsity Fall League will take place at Byron Nelson High School this year; the league will go on for four weeks (September 20, 27th, October 4th, and October 11th.
  • Birdville will play their first district game of the season against Dunbar High School on December 4rth.