My take on the Super-Bowl (predictions) + More

My prediction(s) for Super-Bowl XLVI + MORE: 
Super Bowl Champion: New York: 27-New England 21. 

Let’s take a look at New England’s chances, first: — Tom Brady played a bad game, and he still won it vs. the one of the league’s best defenses in the Baltimore Ravens. — By Tom Brady’s standards, that wasn’t one of his better games, it was very “unbrady” like of him, yet in the end, it was just enough to squeeze it out. — He didn’t throw any TD passes in that game, but he instead decided to take off with his feet. — Brady scored 2 rushing TD’s in the 23-20 victory. I don’t think that had Brady not scored those, there’s a real good chance that we would be seeing Baltimore in the Super-Bowl.  ( Honestly, do you think Tom Brady is going to get away with the rushing TD’s two weeks in a row vs. REALLY GOOD DEFENSES? ( I didn’t think so!!) 

On the other side though, maybe New England just got lucky by Billy Cundiff basically choking, or maybe they didn’t get “lucky”, maybe Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick just have something special, but is it special enough to stop the relentless Giants who also beat them in Super-Bowl 42? ( I don’t think it’s quite enough). 
Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY Baltimore Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff watches his field goal attempt sail wide during the AFC Championship Game.

My Reasoning for picking the Giants to win it all:  If there’s one team that has proven that they CAN CONSISTENTLY KEEP UP WITH New England, and give them a fight, a battle, a run for Mr.Brady’s money ($$$) it’s definitely the Giants.

Eli Manning and the New York Giants celebrate as they upset the 16-0 New York Giants in the 2007-2008 Super-Bowl.
When the Pats and the G-Men played each other in the regular season, (yes, they did) the Pats were really tested to their full limits in that game, which was in Foxborough, or more specifically, Gillette Stadium. — In that game, we saw a cool, clutch Giants QB (Eli Manning) lead his New York football team on a game-winning drive that featured Manning throw a giant (no pun intended) TD pass to Jake Ballard with 15 seconds remaining in the game.  — It’s also worth-noting that that Giants’ victory at New England ended  the Pats’ 20 game home winning streak at Gillette Stadium which was played on November 6th (Yes, of 2011).  
One thing though to keep in mind is that the Giants are relentless, and they’ve proven that they won’t give up until the job is done. — Think back to a 7-7 New York Giants team that we’re fighting to even get in a playoff spot back in Week 15 after a tough 23-10 loss to NFC East hated rival: Washington Redskins at home for the G-Men. — How did the Giants respond after this?: They’ve won a total of 5 games in a row ever-since that ugly loss to Washington, and here the they are, the New York Giants, back in the Super-Bowl vs. the New England Patriots (again), now with a chance to shut the haters up, once again.  

Super-Bowl XLVI MVP: Eli Manning: (25-32) for 237 yards passing, and 3 TD passes (2 to Mario Mannigham, 1 to Victor Cruz). 

The only thing that I think separates Tom Brady from possibly being the hands down greatest QB to ever play the game is 1 more Super-Bowl ring, now he has 3, his child-hood QB idol whom he used to watch growing up was Joe Monntana who won 3 as well, while Brady and Montana are both tied at 3 a piece, Brady is imperfect in the Super-Bowl, with the loss to the Giants, whom he feels like he’s destined for a re-match, a rematch almost meant to be.   

— When Peyton Manning won his first Super-Bowl in 2006 vs. the Chicago Bears, his little brother Eli was jealous of him, and he wanted one so bad: “he would say you’ll probably win some Super-Bowls too, but he was probably just saying to be nice” Eli Manning said. 
— I don’t think you can completely really say that even if Eli wins this Sunday’s  Super-Bowl (XLVI) that he is the greatest of the brothers, I mean it takes more than just rings to say you’re the greatest. — I mean Terry Bradshaw had 4, and he wasn’t the greatest, don’t get me wrong, he was great, he was hands down totally deserving of NFLHOF, but if I asked you who’s the better QB: Tom Brady or Terry Bradshaw, I’m sure you would say Tom Brady.

 — Anyway, my point is: I don’t that rings are enough to determine every factor.  — You have to let the statistical factor lay in at some points, and in that case, Peyton wins it.  — For Pete’s sake, Manning broke Dan Marino’s record for most TD passes in a season back in 2004, which as you know, has been since than broken by Tom Brady in 2007 with 50 TD passes.  — I think you just have to give the “stats-ring” to Peyton Manning on this one.

Colts Starting Quarterback Peyton Manning and Colts Owner Jim Isray have really displayed their differences the entire season, basically

The Colts will most likely end up getting rid of Peyton Manning.  
— It makes all the sense in the world: A. Peyton isn’t going to be as some kind of mentor to Andrew Luck who the Colts will reportedly (for months) take as the #1 overall pick in April’s (NFL) Draft.
— Another part of this that if I’m Peyton Manning: I know that with my current state of health being what it is (neck) there’s probably a good chance that if that injury appears to be some what of a weakness for me, and gives Luck an advantage, I need to get out of here because I’m here to start for this team, not to stand on the sidelines for 2 straight seasons, I mean come on here, this is Peyton Manning we are talking about here, isn’t?  
And last, but not least: B: This relationship that Manning has with Colts Owner Jim Isray is heading towards a divorce, he needs to start somewhere fresh, a new fresh start.  
Team A: Washington Redskins:
Reasoning behind the Redskins
The Redskins thought they had a good QB in John Beck during training-camp, well, you know how that turned out for them, and then look at Rex Grossman, who has been one of the most INCONSISTENT QB’s in the league, ever-since leading the Chicago Bears to the Super-Bowl back in 2006, he’s never really been the same, even that season he was kind of sloppy despite leading the Chicago Bears to a 14-5 record (including the post-season + Super-Bowl), Grossman threw for a career high 23 TD passes, but also threw 20 Ints that season. 
Peyton Manning to the Redskins?
TEAM B: New York Jets: 
The Jets have been trying to look for that franchise QB ever-since Chad Pennington didn’t really work out, the way they needed him to (ahem, they needed him to be the way Peyton Manning has with the Colts). —  So after they got rid of Mr. Pennington, they got Mark Sanchez from USC, or who they like to call: “The Sanchize” well after 3 seasons, Mark Sanchez hasn’t exactly been what the Jets have been looking for, I mean it wouldn’t hurt to go after Peyton Manning. — Besides, If I’m Peyton, I still have a couple of good seasons left in me. 


Super Bowl Blog: Bill Polian joins the Media

You’re either against them, or you’re with them, Former Colts Vice President Bill Pollain has become part of the media now. — After getting hired by Sirus XM  to host Late Hits three times next week. Pollian also predicts the Patriots will lose the Super-Bowl.

Sports Business Journal reports that Polian hired representation to help handle his media career. — While Polian hasn’t officially retired from the NFL, that’s a strong sign that he is transitional to a media only career.  Polian was NOT mentioned as a possible candidate for ANY vacant  G.M openings this off-season.

Note: NBC’s Pro Football Talk blog Originally Reported this (reported by Gregg Rosenthal of NBC, and or  the Pro Football Talk blog

Birdville Hawks Basketball Blog: J. King on possibly winning District, and Coach Fitch on what a win tonight would mean for the team

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS:  The Birdville Hawks take on the Azle Hornets on Friday night in Birdville’s Gym. — The Hawks are looking to get back on track after a close loss to district rival Byron Nelson on Tuesday night’s OT loss at Byron Nelson. The loss handed Birdville their first district loss of the season, making their district record 7-1.  The Hawks need to win out from here on out the final 7 regular-season games of the season if they want to at least share a spot with Byron Nelson as the district champions.

— “It would mean achieving our goal as a team, to win district, it would mean so much because no Birdville varsity basketball team has won the district before, the closest a Birdville team came to doing it was the 2001-2002 Birdville  Guys team” Senior Star Point Guard Jimmy King  said on Friday morning.  A win tonight for Birdville would only mean they need 6 more wins here on out, and according to Coach Jeff Fitch it would mean: “Getting back on track after a tough loss to a great basketball team”.