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First of all, the Cowboys are going to have to able to get into the end-zone, they won’t be able to rely on field-goals this time, as they face an offense that’s going to force he Dallas offense to put up 6 points at least a few times.   — Call me Captain Obvious, but we are all aware that Dallas isn’t the most balanced team in the league, this is a key reason they haven’t been able to make red-zone trips occur consistently.   — Speaking of which, that’s the key word right there. “Consistency” this is something the Cowboys need, and in today’s game, make no exception about it.

The last-time these two played in the Meadow-lands in week one, the  Cowboys had some breaks in that victory.  Giants Wide Receiver Hakeem Nicks was coming back from a stress-fracture in his foot, which kept him from participating in most of the Giant’s training-camp, and not to mention that Victor Cruz had an off-night, as he three drops, and two penalties.    — Dallas just got lucky in that one, as they can’t have that happen again, Cowboys cornerbacks Brandon Carr, and Morris Clairborine will need to make the adjustments necessary to stop New-York  in this one.   — The best the Cowboys can do, is go out and play their best football.

My Cowboys Fantasy Start E’m of the Day: 

For this week, go ahead with Cowboys tight-end Jason Witten.

My Final Score Prediction:

Giants: 27, Cowboys: 29

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