Prayer Request

Greetings, I haven’t abandoned the blog. I have been a little busy with school.  Next weekend I’ll be away on a retreat in Glen Rose. I ask that you pray for me.



Discipleship.. What is it?

What is Discipleship?

I challenge you to really come up with an answer for that.

If your definition of Discipleship is something like converting through preaching, I’m not going to tell you you’re wrong, but I will say it’s a limited understanding.  Discipleship, you see is preaching, it is teaching, or discussing the word.

Branching out on it, I’d add that Discipleship is doing life together.  I mean, that is what we see of the early church in Acts.  Discipleship is fellowship, teaching, life.  I went to a Bible study a few months ago, and the topic was “What is love?” and it made me really think.  If I can’t answer perhaps the most important question, how can I minister, or do anything? I claim to be a Christian, yet I find myself challenged at trying to define love.  I share this with you to emphasize the importance of understanding what it is we believe.  Discipleship, at it’s core involves teaching, and preaching but most of all, at the root of the Christian life is just that, life.