The reason we must suffer, which some Atheists fail to understand.

Often times, why Atheists don’t believe in God is because he allows pain and suffering, which is both somewhat understandable and ridiculous.   Now, what most or (some) atheists wouldn’t know  is  that the Bible says because Christ suffered, we too must suffer (1 Peter 2;21)  I don’t think that means just Christians, but everyone, this would include atheists.


Christ’s work on the cross and what it means

Other religions may  believe they are accepted by God because of  their deeds, and for what they have done, but for Christianity that’s different, though Christian’s are still called to do and carry out the will of God, it’s not their deed’s that make them accepted by God, rather it’s what Christ did on the cross of which they are accepted.   Presbyterian pastor/preacher Timothy Keller put’s it like this in his  New York Time’s best seller “The Reason for God”: “Christians should expect to find nonbelievers who are much nicer, kinder, wiser and better than they are. Why? Christian believers are not accepted by God because of their moral performance, wisdom, or virtue, but because of Christ’s work on their behalf.”   Now, I feel it should be stated that part of accepting Christ as savior is understanding that you are called to do the will of  God, that’s when you are redeemed by the blood of Christ.

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Love must Hate

Love must also hate because if I love children, shouldn’t I also hate abortion?   Romans 12:9 say’s Love must be sincere, and hate what is evil.  So I guess it would be a fair to say sin is evil, and you are probably now thinking to yourself “Wouldn’t that make us evil too?”  My answer is yes.   Yes, because without Jesus we live in sin, we are therefor evil, this lead’s me to what it talks about in Romans 3, that no one does good, which is true.   No one except Jesus, of course.   Jesus is love,  and if we know him, we must know love,  and  we must also abhor what is ungodly and unholy, and without Christ, that’s what we all are.

God makes everything good

God let’s bad thing’s happen because sometimes that’s the only way his glory can be spread through, or known.   A few weeks ago, on a Friday night on June 21rst, a close friend of mine (Chance Clifton) who went to school with me at Birdville High School was killed  in a car-wreck in Oklahoma.   I was in denial the whole night, I couldn’t believe it when I had found out, but this isn’t about me, but God.     His funeral took place just a few days later, on Tuesday, June 25th.   At the service, the pastor of the Church that the funeral took place at had us all write our current “status” with Christ, and he invited those who were unsure if they knew Christ  to meet with the parents and himself after the service, and so they did.    A week later, as I’m on Twitter, I find out that 42 people accepted Christ as savior as a result.   See God can work in a rough situation, like this and make something positive out of it.  God is good.   42 people were headed straight to hell before Chance Clifton’s death,  now they are in faith with Christ, and they too   someday will meet with him in God’s kingdom.    It’s not hard to see here, as shown in this situation that God makes everything good.