Matthew 7:21-7:23 says I never knew you

I can go to the gates of the White House and claim that I know President Obama, but will any of that matter if  President Obama doesn’t know me?    No.    Matthew 7:23 says that the lord never knew you, which would bring up the subject of being saved in Christianity.    Are you saved?   Here’s how to tell:  Are you attracted to everything this world continuously promotes?   Do you want the next big thing?  Do you follow in the steps of everyone else?   Do you go to the Bible for every problem you have?   Do you trust men?

*Few will find it, fewer will keep it

* There are the people who study for the tests, and you have those who claim to have studied, your grade will determine not what you will achieve in life, rather who really studied, and this brings me to:  Saying you are saved by Christ, and telling people about HOW to be saved.

Everyone wants to talk about a prophet, but nobody wants to follow one –  Paul Washer.


“Radical” (book) (taking your faith back from the American dream) What it taught me.

Sometime last week, a good friend of mine gave me a book “Radical”  written by a Pastor (David Platt), who works at a Baptist church in Birmingham, Alabama, The Church at Brook Hills.    Let me start of by saying that I’m not a Baptist, I’m a catholic, that however, didn’t stop the book from making me take a self-examination at myself, and my Christian faith.     Reading this book has given me a different outlook on my Christian faith, and not just my own, but every other Christian’s too,  mainly us American Christians, who according to Platt, haven’t been awaken yet, and are living a false Christian faith.   It opened my eyes to the fact that we, as  American Christians aren’t in most-ways, doing what we are called to do.

It told me that to TRULY follow Christ, you have to give up everything, including your  own family, because if  your faith in Christ is true, than your reward will be worth all of your sacrifices which lay ahead of all in the Kingdom of God.   “Radical” taught me that there are plenty of starving children, starving for the Gospel, which many haven’t heard yet, many haven’t heard about Jesus.  This frightens me, and it should you, because not knowing Christ, not ever hearing of him is the worst thing that could happen.       Platt taught me that even the things we take in from sermons, teachings, and lessons, we take for our own self-needs,  which it should be, as Platt put it, not just what we can take in for ourselves, but how can we use this to help others?

– – –  At the end of the book, Platt has a list of 5 things we can do to help strengthen our faith in Christ, but let me say not to think those 5 things alone will save you in your Christian faith, but it starts with us, and we are the one’s with knowledge and access to the Word of God,  we should spread it, to the nations, who are in dire-straights.

Overall, I’d say it had a Radical message in it, and Platt delivered in “Radical”.       It made me think about things, even as a Catholic, reading it written from a Baptist, it still made many valid-points, and overall, we need to wake up, and smell the coffee that Jesus has made,  and it starts with us,  do we truly have a true faith in Christ?
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Scared about current situation with Korea? Don’t be.. (Mark 13:7)

For at least four decades, North Korea has held a grudge against the United States of  America, so it’s been an on going thing for a while.   A lot of people are reasonably scared, worried,  some are frantic about the threats that Korea has been saying to us,  I know I have been at times the past few weeks, and I’ve just had to just put it in God’s hands and ask him to take care of my fears with this, while the thoughts can crop back into my mind, it’s worked, it’s worked because I have continued to ask God to help me, to not be scared, to have faith in him that BOTH countries will be okay in this time of uncertainty.     Here’s a bible verse that I read and went over,  it was encouraging for me:   Mark 13:7:  “But when you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be troubled; for such things must happen, but the end is not yet”.    Remember though, don’t lose your faith in either countries.