My Weekly Pro Wrestling Column: Making the Case That Benoit’s Wrestling Career should be remembered..

Can WWE really ignore the wrestling career that Chris Benoit had?  — I mean after all he did, all he gave, he get’s nothing?   I can understand, what he did was messed up, but I believe what he accomplished in the ring should stay only in the ring and

English: Vince McMahon at a WWE Raw event. Bra...
English: Vince McMahon at a WWE Raw event. Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 242007. Taken by me. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

nowhere else, what he did outside of the ring is something that should stay in the ring.

— This was probably just another one of  the Vince McMahon decisions made by the company, meaning he probably told the company to forget about him, as if  he never existed, and I suppose it wouldn’t make sense to pretend that the man who he was outside the ring didn’t  exist, while pretending that the man who did wrestle as the “Canadian Crippler” didn’t exist.  — If  World-Wrestling Entertainment decides to never mention his name again on live-television, for the rest of the

company’s own existence, than that’s their own choice, but I don’t think they realize that in doing this, they are taking a part of one of  Pro Wrestling it’s self’s own greatest wrestlers  in Chris Benoit, if they think that he is a disgrace to all of  WWE fans, they’re wrong about that, though some people don’t know how to separate one thing from another, such as what has already been stated: LEAVE WHAT HE DID IN THE RING.

— The man who killed his wife and kids, and himself was unstable, and who knows, it may very well have been because of his long Pro Wrestling Career, maybe that’s why Vince doesn’t want Benoit to be mentioned ever again, because than people will start blaming him, and pointing their fingers at him, which despite pretending  that (Chris Benoit) never existed, people have already started doing.

— McMahon is trying to cover up for the sake of his own company, in doing this, when there is most likely not any-other way to cover up, and be blamed for Benoit’s death, by having him wrestle as long as he did, well guess what, it’s not Vince’s fault that these guy’s want to wrestle and entertain weekly every Monday/Friday night, they do it because they love it, and Mr.McMahon gave these guys a chance.   —  As said  before the decisions that WWE makes is theirs, and I’m a Pro Wrestling fan, If I’m a true one, I guess I’ll have to stick with it.

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Author: Thomas Brunt

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