I went with a friend to see the premiere of Antman, well one of the premiere’s anyway.  Going into the film I had no expectations, really as I knew absolutely nothing about the history of the character but that’s just what happens when you aren’t a comic book connoisseur.

With the foundation being laid down for this review, or whatever you want to refer to it as, I guess I can start actually telling you what I thought about this film.  

Can I just start this out by saying I really enjoyed it?  As a fan of Marvel, and all it’s recent work it’s put out (Avengers, Avengers 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc) I loved all the Marvel references, which you do know is building up to a big Marvel Civil War film, right?    The thing about this film is that it’s definitely taken a notch down from Marvel’s last epic storyline in Age of Ultron, and because they managed to execute this one so well is one of the reasons I’m impressed.

 I enjoyed the characters, as I felt everyone was portrayed in a believable manner that actually had me invested in the characters.  I found myself rooting for the main character, Scott Lang, other wise known as Antman.   Another thing I want to point out is I think Antman was a little different than most Superhero movies in that the Hero is a criminal, to begin with, so that was nice to see instead of the same thing.  

Antman I guess you could gripe about how it was cliched with the suit, but hey it’s got to be better than being bitten by an insect, right?   Or maybe at times during the movie you felt like you were watching Ironman.    Speaking about the suit though, the one thing they executed very well for me, was the seeing the Antman suit shrink. That was pretty awesome. Let’s not forget to mention this was a very humorous film, as well.  Sure, this movie has it’s share of gripes, as does every film but at the end of the day I just found myself with too much to be satisfied about.. Including the post credit extras which clearly show their will be a sequel to Antman.  


The recent controversial events which have transpired lately have stirred up much heat, especially within Christian/Secular circles.  The Supreme Court’s recent decision to legalize Gay Marriage is just an example of the controversy we have seen, and the starter of plenty more controversy coming up.  Speaking of controversial topics, Facebook supposedly blocked users from posting a certain link (and also claiming it was “abusive”), particularly Christian users who tried posting a link to Theologian, Dr. Albert Mohler’s article on Planned parenthood and abortion, but eventually allowed users to post it.   Take one of my Facebook friends, Pastor Mark Spence for example. Spence, who shepherds a satellite campus church “Cross Church DFW”  the satellite campus of North Richland Hills Baptist Church attempted posting a link to Mohler’s post, but Facebook wouldn’t allow it. controver

Hopefully, if you are a Christ follower reading this blog this alerts you to the time we are living in. The other thing I pray this post can succeed in doing is move you. No, I don’t mean emotionally move you, but in your actions as a follower.  Understand the difference here between suffering for the Gospel and controversy.  Don’t mistake persecution for Christ for hearing and reading news about the church.

Lord, open our eyes

Thomas Brunt:

Needed this. Thank you, Joey.

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Ever had one of those days where you are looking everywhere for something, and you realize that something is right in front of you? It happened to me today… I was looking for a cover for Soccer’s (my dog) his food, so I could put it up for tomorrow.

My experience today reminded me of a story in the Bible that some of us are very familiar with.

Fear gripped his being. Heaviness filled his heart and suddenly it was difficult to breathe. He blinked his eyes hard hoping that when he opened them it might have been just a dream. But the enemy was still there. Strong and plenty, their army with horses and chariots surrounded the city.

I know this fear.

I know this feeling of hopelessness.

I know this desperation.

Pressed on all sides by the enemy of my soul, there have been times I found…

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I hope you are having a blessed day today.  Here are today’s memory verses. Make sure you have a partner so you are being held accountable, since that is the main purpose of this!

Psalms 62:2

Proverbs 3:27

Romans 3:22-26

Romans 8:1-5

Philippians 2:1-4

Psalms 119:1-9

Psalms 119:24-39

God Bless. May the Lord be gracious to you and bless you, and make his face to shine upon you!

Scripture accountability

Peace brothers and sisters,

I have recently joined a Scripture memorization accountablity club with some friends of mine. Each time I see one of them, I have to recite a different verse each time.  I figured I could share the verses on the blog.  I encourage you to try to memorize at least one of these a day. I will try to post a more updated list, soon.

I apologize for my lack of posts, I guess the blog thing just got away from me for a while, there. I will try to stay consistent on this blog.   Please pray for me. I graduate you from High School, in almost a week. 

James 1:12

James 1:19 

Psalms 40:8 

Philippians 2:1-4

Romans 3:22-26 

Colossians 2:6

Galatians 2:20 

Grace and peace,

Thomas Brunt.

The Cross, Easter, Death and Life

Easter matters, that much is known.  But why does it matter?  Because our lives matter. When Christ died on the cross was when matter and purpose entered into existence.  Now our lives can have purpose.

Not all lives, unfortunately possess this great purpose.  What we do to make ourselves look, feel, sound, seem better or comfortable isn’t something that will fill our lives with that purpose.  The miracle of Easter Sunday, and even Holy Week leading up to the holiday is something so grand that happened over 20 centuries ago, and it’s impact is greater than any event in history.

The miracle of Easter Sunday and how we view it and understand it can shape our lives because Easter isn’t some Springtime holiday.  It’s a call, for us all, particularly Christians to die to ourselves and surrender everything at the cross, just as Jesus did for us.  This is a daily condition of being a disciple of Jesus.  This is where we find true life in our journey to the cross.

Birdville Hawks Men’s basketball Mentally tough special team

The Birdville Hawks Men’s basketball team made history.  The team did so by going the farthest any team in school history had gone by advancing to the regional tournament in the 2014-2015 season.

This is also the farthest Coach Jeff Fitch, who has been the head basketball coach of the program since it opened in 1999 has gotten with the team.

In 16 years, Fitch has tutored some good talent in Birdville jerseys, but this team was special. Fitch said the reason this team was extra special was because of their confidence “It’s 90% of the battle,” Fitch said.

He explained that because the team’s two star players DJ Draper and Andrew Sorrells had been playing the game of Basketball for so long, they weren’t really phased by the bigger challenges of competition.

The team does owe a big part of their post-season run success to DJ Draper, who had 27 points against favored Arlington Heights in the second round playoff game.  Draper would match that total in the team’s playoff loss to Palo Duro, not to forget his 3 pointer at the end of regulation is what sent that game to overtime.   At the end of the day though, this was a team effort, that’s what will be remembered more than anything.