Hawks run away with cross town rivalry game with win against Richland in battle of the FAAC.

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS:  The alpha-dog was established in Friday night’s non division rivalry game as the Birdville Hawks defeated the Richland Rebels 46-32. .    The Hawks had competition in the first half,  as they traded touchdowns with Richland.     It was deadlocked at halftime,   looking as if both team’s were going to continue matching scores in the second half.    But Birdville Hawks senior running back Xavier Turner was just getting started,  Turner scored on runs of 12,10, and 3 yards in the first half, and would continue his dominance in the second half, in which  the Hawks ran away with it.   Although, he did have some help from junior quarterback Will Hayward who added 152 yards on 14 carries, and junior running back, Isaiah Durate did his part, railing off  111 yards off of 12 carries.     Richland struck first in this one, and got off to a head-start on the Hawks, early,  but once Turner got going, there would be no looking back for the Hawks, who dared the cross-town rival to come and take the stadium from them.   Despite a strong effort, and a solid first half,  the Hawks just put on two halves of  that play.   The FAAC is theirs, for now,  Richland had their opportunity, but in the end, just got outplayed.