Saying Grace: Live it, don’t just say it before you eat a meal.

Don’t just say Grace before eating a Meal, but make it a way you live your life.     Don’t just pray  when your in trouble, but make it a way you communicate with our heavenly father.    Make time for God, spend time in prayer in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, and right before you go to sleep.    Make sure to thank God for all the blessings you have, and make sure none go unrecognized.    Make time for God, it matters.


Quick: Jesus Christ saves our satisfactions

It is human nature to think or feel that we may want something, or to think we may be satisfied 100% once we get something we may have been wanting to get.  Don’t miss-interrupt here and think I’m saying it’s not okay to have nice things, because that’s not what I’m saying, what I am trying to say is: don’t think, or don’t be surprised that it doesn’t fully satisfy, or that something doesn’t get old, and or boring, because no lasting of anything here on Earth, or this universe has a long-enough lasting effect on it that will satisfy us for all our human life on Earth.

No need to worry for the rest of your lives though, there is something that can and will save us for eternity.      Just invite Jesus Christ into your life and you’ll be better off.     If  you truly want to live for God though, you will only serve him only, not money, lust or drugs or fame.   Give it all up,  realize that you aren’t here to live for yourself, you are here to fulfill God’s plan.      I’m  still learning to be more godly.   I’m praying and asking God to teach me to live for him, because it’s worth it.     Jesus Christ alone can save you, and your satisfactions.


Gusty/Brutal winds not enough to stop Birdville Men’s Golf, as they soar with first place in Woodhaven tournament

Gusty, Brutal  winds weren’t a problem for Birdville High School’s varsity golf team, and senior golfer, Kyle Gannon who shot the lowest score on the team didn’t seem to be effected either much.   The Hawks also took first place in the Woodhaven tournament.

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor in chief  for Birdville High School’s school-paper: “The Hawk”  as well as a contributing wrestling writer to “Next Era”   You can follow his personal Twitter feed: @ThomasSportsguy, or you could send him an email:



Ravens QB Joe Flacco: “It’s not about the money” – – – What I think of his comment

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco claims it’s not about the money, but the money itself would suggest other-wise, the new 6 year contract is worth 120.6 Million, and it is by the way the highest contract in NFL history.   – – Flacco knows, we know that despite what he said: “It’s not about the money, it was about earning the respect” nice try Joe, but something here tells me it was about the money.    What part of  it was it?    – – – Oh yes, this is the richest contract in National Football League history.    I’m not going to defend Flacco here, because there is a good chance he’s being dishonest, and if he is truly being dishonest here, than I would be defending a falsehood of lies, that’s not what I’m about here.    I’m not trying to judge Flacco, either, that’s the last-thing I want to do.     –  – –  But what does quote from a player saying it’s not about the money mean when we have  a  history of greed, and players being over their head, I can’t help but wonder sometimes is this what we’ve gotten to?



What would you do for God?

I wouldn’t mind being a popular sports-writer, but if I had to choose between that and being apart of something bigger than myself, I would.   My goal, my purpose on this blog is to give my opinion on the latest Sports-Topics, and that’s what I’ve done.   I like what I do, it’s fun.  People keep telling me to continue writing, and I will.       It’s just I’ve found happiness, and complete satisfaction in something bigger than anything  here on this earth, and I’m completely convinced that it’s the most important thing anyone can have.    The past month, or so,  I have grown,  and no, not in height, necessarily, I’m referring to my spiritual-life, my relationship with God.    The best way I can explain it is like this: without this relationship, there is a missing part of your heart, and only Jesus Christ can fulfill it,  well, that’s the experience I have felt, anyway.   I shouldn’t be able to speak for other’s, but it should be that way for everyone.

I don’t mean to be Pessimistic, here,  but I can only state the truth:  If you are miserable in your life, you will REMAIN miserable until you expect Christ as your LORD and SAVIOR.     Keep in mind though, you aren’t saved once, therefore you shall not grow in repentance, rather spiritually.   Also, you can’t say you’re a believer,  you have to LIVE by your faith.     – –  – To be honest with you readers, I don’t think I’ve been doing that my whole-life, and I think I may just be getting a hold of it, God has given me a strong spirit, I’ve always had a great spirit, but it’s a matter of living by faith, and honoring God in all the ways you live life.

Where does honoring the Lord start you ask?     Let that to be as of some guidance to maybe answer your question.

If not, seek the Lord, and you shall receive.    If you knock once and don’t receive, knock again and again until the LORD answers.

Be sure to keep in mind, God works in all ways in your life,  and while you may not realize it,  he does work in your life everyday.

You must first learn to walk by faith though to see that.     What would you do for God?