The Cross, Easter, Death and Life

Easter matters, that much is known.  But why does it matter?  Because our lives matter. When Christ died on the cross was when matter and purpose entered into existence.  Now our lives can have purpose.

Not all lives, unfortunately possess this great purpose.  What we do to make ourselves look, feel, sound, seem better or comfortable isn’t something that will fill our lives with that purpose.  The miracle of Easter Sunday, and even Holy Week leading up to the holiday is something so grand that happened over 20 centuries ago, and it’s impact is greater than any event in history.

The miracle of Easter Sunday and how we view it and understand it can shape our lives because Easter isn’t some Springtime holiday.  It’s a call, for us all, particularly Christians to die to ourselves and surrender everything at the cross, just as Jesus did for us.  This is a daily condition of being a disciple of Jesus.  This is where we find true life in our journey to the cross.