Matthew 7:21-7:23 says I never knew you

I can go to the gates of the White House and claim that I know President Obama, but will any of that matter if  President Obama doesn’t know me?    No.    Matthew 7:23 says that the lord never knew you, which would bring up the subject of being saved in Christianity.    Are you saved?   Here’s how to tell:  Are you attracted to everything this world continuously promotes?   Do you want the next big thing?  Do you follow in the steps of everyone else?   Do you go to the Bible for every problem you have?   Do you trust men?

*Few will find it, fewer will keep it

* There are the people who study for the tests, and you have those who claim to have studied, your grade will determine not what you will achieve in life, rather who really studied, and this brings me to:  Saying you are saved by Christ, and telling people about HOW to be saved.

Everyone wants to talk about a prophet, but nobody wants to follow one –  Paul Washer.


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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