The recent controversial events which have transpired lately have stirred up much heat, especially within Christian/Secular circles.  The Supreme Court’s recent decision to legalize Gay Marriage is just an example of the controversy we have seen, and the starter of plenty more controversy coming up.  Speaking of controversial topics, Facebook supposedly blocked users from posting a certain link (and also claiming it was “abusive”), particularly Christian users who tried posting a link to Theologian, Dr. Albert Mohler’s article on Planned parenthood and abortion, but eventually allowed users to post it.   Take one of my Facebook friends, Pastor Mark Spence for example. Spence, who shepherds a satellite campus church “Cross Church DFW”  the satellite campus of North Richland Hills Baptist Church attempted posting a link to Mohler’s post, but Facebook wouldn’t allow it. controver

Hopefully, if you are a Christ follower reading this blog this alerts you to the time we are living in. The other thing I pray this post can succeed in doing is move you. No, I don’t mean emotionally move you, but in your actions as a follower.  Understand the difference here between suffering for the Gospel and controversy.  Don’t mistake persecution for Christ for hearing and reading news about the church.


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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