Why I hate abortion

The values of our society are often twisted and opposite the values of what the Christian church believes.

This is of course, nothing new.  The world has always ran to rebellion against God.

This isn’t to say that the church has it all together, either, but it is a pillar of truth in a world of lies and darkness.

One of the lies that we have come to believe is that life has no value, or that not every life has the same value. Why isn’t this true? What makes this so bad?  First off, this is a lie straight from the Father of lies, Satan himself.

You see, Satan wants us separated from the truth. Satan wants us to use what was originally intended for good for bad, so when there is an opportunity to deceive someone like a man and a woman who aren’t married to have sex. He’ll do everything he can to plant that seed of darkness.  He doesn’t just stop there, though.

When the woman finds out she is pregnant and tells that man who she shared what was supposed to be a very intimate moment with, he doesn’t want to take on the responsibilities of being a father, and there’s just no way they could raise a baby in the current financial situation, anyway.  I think you know where I’m headed, here: Instead of having the baby, the woman decides to have an abortion, because it’s more convenient, more comfortable.

My problem, and the reason for my stance on Abortion (Which will never change) isn’t just because it strips the baby of human life, but more than that because it robs God of his glory.  God created us all in his image. Scripture tells us this, in Genesis.

Therefore, he created us all for his glory. That’s why every life has value, simply because it comes from God. Whatever God desires for us to experience, Satan wants us to be robbed of.  God created us to enjoy him, to enjoy his gift for us all, in Jesus.

Satan wants the opposite.  How can someone enjoy God if they don’t even get a chance at life?

I pray for an end to this destruction. I pray for my stance to never be changed. I pray I would avoid all sin, so I can honor God and enjoy him who created me for his glory.  I love you all, regardless of whatever sin you have committed that is between you and the Lord. I cannot however stand for such evil.  God loves you, and he can’t want for you to see the joy that is in him alone for you. 


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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