Trinity coach Steve Lineweaver retires

Euless Trinity head football coach Steve Lineweaver, who won 4 state titles in 22 seasons as coach, this includes three in a five-year span at Trinity announced his retirement Tuesday.

Lineweaver, 68, took over at helm as Trinity head coach in 2000 and built the Trojans into a powerhouse.  Trinity, under Lineweaver’s leadership won Class 5A state titles in 2005, 2007, and 2009.  The Trojans were also a state finalist in 2010, and Lineweaver’s teams won 10 or more games in each of his final 11 seasons.

  • Lineweaver finished with a 175-29 record in 15 seasons at Trinity.  Combined with his seven season tenure at Commerce, where he won a 3A state title in 1999, his carer record is 258-43-2.

Information for this report was used from the Dallas Morning News. 

More thoughts on Christmas

There is much noise and distraction in our world today.   So much so that it often makes it difficult for us to concentrate on the long term mission as Christians.  We live in a restless world. Our souls are meant for the never changing kingdom of Heaven, only because of the enjoyment of living in eternal peace with God, of course.  Thanks be to God to sacrificing to us his only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ whose birth we celebrate on December 25th.   Christmas is often decorated with unnecessary worldliness so it’s difficult to focus on the true meaning of the holiday.  Christmas is to put it plainly, about the greatest gift Jesus Christ.   We often imagine receiving  an extravagant amount of gifts on Christmas, and that includes some Christians.  Like previously mentioned though, this world is restless.  If we want to battle against that as Christ’s warriors, we must return to the holiday’s true meaning.  We must remember Jesus was born in a manger, and he was poor.  It’s our mission during the Holiday season to put Christ back in Christmas.   The world tells us we need this, or that latest, next big thing but we already have Christ.  Our mission is to proclaim the saving news of the savior.

Christmas.. What is it about?

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.  John 10:10

Christmas is the coming of Christ.  Jesus came to give us life (“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” John 10:10).  The devil, which is the one who Christ is speaking of in this scripture is the thief.  The thief, as Jesus explains comes only to steal, kill and destroy.   What does Jesus mean he came that we may have life abundantly?  He means his coming was meant to actually give us life. Not just any life.  Jesus came that we would have life abundantly. Jesus wants us to really live.  He wants us to be changed by his coming, his life, his sacrifice, and his resurrection. He wants us to live with his love and joy in our hearts. Satan’s goal, as it always is to to stop us from seeing the glory that is in Christ.  Satan is trying to steal, kill and destroy the joy in our lives.   Jesus came to restore peace between God and his people.  Christ came we may that we may have life and have it abundantly. that’s what Christmas is about: Joy.

Euless Trinity vs Allen Matchup preview part 1

Here is the break down for the Euless Trinity vs. Allen.   More updates will be posted later, as I gather information to preview this game. 

Tournament Breakdown – 2014 UIL State Football Championships – 2014 Football Conference 6A D1

Birdville vs Fossil RIdge; Hawks led by Sorrells’ brothers in seasaw battle

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS: The Birdville Hawks (2-0) defeat the Fossil Ridge Panthers (0-2) in Friday night’s non conference basketball game at Birdville High School in a 63-57 home victory.  Hawks senior guard Andrew Sorrells led the way for the main part with 33 points, but perhaps the overlooked hero of the night was Sophomore forward, Will Sorrells who came up large with some blocks and rebounds helping the team out a lot.

“Andrew is real really real good, the key to the game wasn’t just Andrew, but his brother (Will Sorrells)”   The Hawks only real concern came in the beginning of the 2nd half when the Panthers led by as many as 6 points, but Birdville fought back and they fought hard.  The game saw a lot of back and forth seasaw action, but the Hawks pulled it out in the end.

“Basketball is always played in runs” Fitch said.  Birdville played up to the challenge Friday night at home.  More challenges await this team, soon.  Friday night’s game marked the Hawks’ last home game until a January 6th district game vs. Dunbar.  Fitch said he views this as an opportunity to grow as a team.

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Birdville Hoops wins season opener; Sorrells scores 25

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS: Birdville senior guard Andrew Sorrells led the game in scoring with 25 points, helping the Hawks soar past opponent Saginaw in the season opener in a 66-50 victory. “We just got to go out on a bang” Senior BJ Gomez said.   The way the Hawks played in front of a packed home crowd suggests they did go out on a bang.  Gomez, behind DJ Drapper and Sorrells led the team’s charge hitting  a couple of momentum shifting three pointers when Saginaw tried to claw back. The charge though  was limited  to sloppy turnovers. “It was a first game type of game,” said head coach Jeff Fitch “They are a tough team, they do some things that are a little unorthodox” Fitch added.

Birdville falls short, but soars high

I may never understand it, but that’s ok, I think that’s how it’s supposed to be.  I’m a reporter, nothing more. The Birdville Hawks football team lost in the first game of the playoffs on Friday night vs. a competitive Denton High School team.  The Hawks struggled for most the game to get anything started offensively.  The Hawk defense didn’t the team any favors, either.

As a result of these two failed components, Birdville found themselves trailing the Broncos 40-13 going into the fourth quarter. Star running back senior Isaiah Duarte finally got going when the game was a bit out of hand. The stud running back scored two of his four touchdowns in the final quarter, helping a desperate Hawks team rally 13 of 19 total comeback points which fell  a little short in the end.

Sometimes that’s life. Sometimes you don’t like hearing things you need to hear. Sometimes you try to deny what’s really there because you don’t want to believe it.   The same thinking can be applied here to the Senior football players who played their hearts and guts out all season long.

The scoreboard reflects a lot, sometimes.  Others, it doesn’t.  The legacy of a football career like the ones of the senior players don’t show up on the scoreboard, that’s unfortunate.  Football is much more, so much more I can’t explain myself.   Me? I’m just a spectator.  Birdville may have lost to Denton, but the Hawks still soared high.