Lent has began.  Most of lent is solemn, and for good reason.  The time leading up to Resurrection Sunday is focused on when Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and was tempted by Satan.

Then there’s Easter Sunday.  Easter is the day Jesus proved to reign victorious over death, and thus we live by his grace to worship him.  Easter is about hope. The hope we have in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Right now, you are reading this and you haven’t experienced that hope in your life, I encourage you to change that.  Maybe you are a Christian, but you are stuck in sin.

We all have those rough patches, at one time or another whether it be with an addiction or whatever.  I can testify to that, as I’ve gone through them, I understand.  Will we ever be perfect in our Earthly lives? No  Will we still sin?

Yes, we all fall. If you are a guy (not just a teenage boy) there is a pretty good chance you have lustful thoughts and desires throughout the day, or week (I know I do).  The key here, is to not act on these thoughts.  Don’t even flirt with sexually immorality.  The instant you do, you allow Satan to trap you in this black hole. where you are stuck.   Jesus died on the cross to absolve us from ALL our sins, and he was resurrected so our chains of sin would be broken.

The question you have to ask yourself if you are in an addiction is this: Who do you want to be later in life?   The chains have been broken, you are free to go but we choose to stay stuck.   Jesus died and rose again so we could live eternally, with him.   Easter is about hope.


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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