Prayer and Exodus

Greetings, no, I haven’t abandoned the blog, I’ve just haven’t been blogging like I said I would.  I honestly would like to make this a routine in my schedule, but I find it that my mind is often scattered throughout the day to day businesses.  I know, I’m just making excuses. I haven’t abandoned one thing, though. I haven’t stopped reading my Bible. I would encourage you to not abandon God’s word, unlike much of the world that we live in today has. I shouldn’t have to preach to you the importance of this practice.

Above all other hobbies, this is the one that MUST come second to none in our daily lives.   Lately I’ve been reading through the book of Exodus in the Old Testament. It just so happened that the other day, when I went to a Bible study the main focus of it was in the book of Exodus.

One of the things that was discussed was the significance of the veil, and how Moses wore the veil over his face when he would go and pray and talk to God in the tent, and how his face would literally shine.  This raises the main conflict of this thought.. We have this awesome thing called prayer, as you could probably tell it allows us to connect with God.  Ah, yes.. The problem: We often neglect prayer.  This leaves us all with something to be desired, and we are definitely more vulnerable to wordlines when we neglect our payer lives. We become dry and that passion we once had isn’t there. We start to become cold inside.  Sin starts to look more appetizing.  So as you can see, this is a deadly path that if left neglected can do damage to us.  Don’t leave prayer alone,  Moses was so immersed in his prayer life he reflected God’s glory. Moses, like many of the Old Testament prophets trusted God and his promise that he would send to us all a messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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