Gospel centered movies..

I don’t have a problem with good movies, in fact I really enjoy them.  I don’t know anyone who has a problem with them, really anyway.  Sometimes though, the problem with the things we like is that they may not have a lasting value to them.  Okay, so really anything on this world doesn’t, fair enough.

But like I was saying, the problem isn’t the movies themselves.. but sometimes the things in it and how we just take it for entertainment for ourselves.   I shouldn’t have to remind you of the world we live in, we are always looking for our quick fix and want pleasure for ourselves.   Perhaps there is a more biblical path we can approach the movies, maybe instead of going for movies which offer temporary messages, we aim for movies that offer a longer lasting message.  If we are planning on spending our eternity with our Lord Jesus Christ, than I suggest we try and look for things that offer our souls more in this world.   My prayer is that there would be more films made produced to the glory of God centered on the Gospel.   I’m not just talking about a football team and a few lines about God.  I mean, center the movie on Christ and a coach going through a tough time with finances, trouble having a baby, and  a coach who is on the hot seat with his  coaching job.

If you aren’t so much into sports, that’s ok.. because the message of the film offers something eternal.  The message of these movies have helped so many people because they can identify with themselves with the character on the screen.   Sure Sherwood’s first 3  films’s acting isn’t great, and kind of a cheesy attempt the first two tries, but that’s Hollywood we are used to.  Sherwood films and the Kendrick brothers aren’t concerned about Hollywood, they are concerned about the Kingdom of God.  And so should we.



Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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