Christmas meditation

Christmas is often decorated with unnecessary worldliness so it’s difficult to focus on the true meaning of the holiday.   We live among much noise and distraction in our world today.   So much, so that it often makes it difficult for us to concentrate and really focus in  on the true meaning of  it for all of us, Christians included.  We live in the hustle/bustle business of our world.      Our  hearts and souls were created for the stillness and quiet which only God’s peace can give us.     Thanks be to God for sacrificing to us his only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ whose birth we celebrate and focus on specifically during this Advent season.     Often imagined is receiving  an extravagant amount of presents on Christmas.  It’s not as though some of us are not looking for God though, we just have to change the lenses.  Christmas is about presents, though.  “Blasphemy!”  you say,  well to clarify I mean “Presence”.      We must remember Jesus was born in a manger, and he was poor.  It’s our mission during the Holiday season to put Christ back in Christmas.   The world keeps on changing and looking hungrily for anything to have/hoard, but we already have Christ.  Our mission is to proclaim the saving news of the savior, and as Christians find our contentment in God through Jesus Christ.


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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