Birdville falls short, but soars high

I may never understand it, but that’s ok, I think that’s how it’s supposed to be.  I’m a reporter, nothing more. The Birdville Hawks football team lost in the first game of the playoffs on Friday night vs. a competitive Denton High School team.  The Hawks struggled for most the game to get anything started offensively.  The Hawk defense didn’t the team any favors, either.

As a result of these two failed components, Birdville found themselves trailing the Broncos 40-13 going into the fourth quarter. Star running back senior Isaiah Duarte finally got going when the game was a bit out of hand. The stud running back scored two of his four touchdowns in the final quarter, helping a desperate Hawks team rally 13 of 19 total comeback points which fell  a little short in the end.

Sometimes that’s life. Sometimes you don’t like hearing things you need to hear. Sometimes you try to deny what’s really there because you don’t want to believe it.   The same thinking can be applied here to the Senior football players who played their hearts and guts out all season long.

The scoreboard reflects a lot, sometimes.  Others, it doesn’t.  The legacy of a football career like the ones of the senior players don’t show up on the scoreboard, that’s unfortunate.  Football is much more, so much more I can’t explain myself.   Me? I’m just a spectator.  Birdville may have lost to Denton, but the Hawks still soared high.


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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