Christless Christianity

I haven’t abandoned the “Jesus is” sermon series..  this is just something I posted to Facebook and wanted to share here on my blog 

America wasn’t built on the Prosperity Gospel, I repeat America wasn’t built on the Prosperity Gospel. – –  America was built not on a false gospel that says something God never promised us.  America wasn’t built on health, wealth or success. I believe the blueprints for the United States have been around for a much longer time. Go back all the way to Jesus’s ministry on Earth, and after his death and joyus resurrection is when it all started.


– – – Perhaps the founding fathers of America were inspired by the radical pursuit of Christ’s apostles and saints who sacrificed their own lives to follow Jesus, which isn’t a lifestyle that offers comfort.   It seems to me American Christians have swapped their faith with something that wasn’t apart of the blueprints that the Disciples carried out.  Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe somewhere along the lines man didn’t get that?  Most American churches these days are more focused on how to attract people to the church.   The truth is, there aren’t many churches that are truly a house of prayer, or a congregation that thirsts for God’s presence.


Somewhere around the lines, the church got mixed into the world.  Most Christians say they believe God’s word, but it doesn’t seem to be the case to me.   If it did, I would think we’d be more concerned about the reality of a Holy God, and an eternal Hell where man will be separated from God’s love forever.   This isn’t the Christianity that Jesus Christ died for on the cross, or the kind of Christianity the apostles laid their lives down for.    The founding fathers of the United States appreciated that, do we?


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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