5 essentials to the Christian life

  1. A hunger for God’s word: The Bible is our compass, through it God speaks his truth to us.   Yeah, the  Bible is pretty important.  we need a hunger for the word of god.  When we start reading the great book with an open heart, we began to see things differently.  Once we begin to see things differently, we feel convicted by the truth.    It’s important to read it prayerfully, though otherwise we are just eating without swallowing.  I thought of  putting this as “time alone with God” but I feel like that can fit in with this, as it’s pretty broad. 
  2. Fellowship with the Bible:  Time alone with God is important, but we can’t do this whole  church thing  by ourselves.  Jesus didn’t do it by himself:  You see to grow a hunger for the word, it’s crucial we spend time going to things like Bible studies.  If we don’t we are hindering ourselves in our walk with God.
  3. Biblical Fellowship with church.  Like I said, we can’t do church by ourselves. We must step out of  our comfort zones.   Just get involved at your church.
  4. Church life:  The fact that I have this ranked #4 on the list isn’t anything against it. I just feel like I’ve got a tough list to work with here.  When you get involved at church, all the other things like fellowship fall into place.  It can be anything, really.   A friend of mine hangs out at his church, a lot.  He works in the wellness center of his church (non-pay).   Make yourself at home at church.
  5.  Knowing God’s Word:  Out of all 5 of these “Knowing God’s word” is only#5?   While its logic that you can’t obey the word if you don’t know the word, if we don’t have true intimacy with Jesus Christ.. we are no different from the Pharisees.  Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here, I’m not by any means abandoning the importance of  the Bible.  I’ve stated already stated it’s great   We must have both knowledge and intimacy.   An atheist can have knowledge about the Bible, but it takes something to be a Man of God.

Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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