LeBron in Miami for his own selfish reasons

A lot of people may  or may not be wondering if my opinion on LeBron James has changed since he won a ring last-season, and to be faithfully  honest with my audience here, it hasn’t.     You know in your heart of hearts, that in order for the self-proclaimed King to remain at the top he’ll have to do even more.       While LeBron doesn’t  carry the monkey of failing to single-handedly lead a franchise to NBA gold anymore,  the monkey remains there in Cleveland.       That’s probably something  LeBron thinks about everyday, but hides it with the success he is achieving in Miami.  Take the ring he won last Summer for example.   But don’t hide it LeBron, we know your demons haven’t been 100% exercised yet,  ironically, that’s exactly why you landed in Florida in the first place.     Would he even be here had he enjoyed winning a title or two, dare I say three in Cleveland?   Likely not.   LeBron didn’t care about teaming with a great talent on the court like Dwayne Wade, or a special talent like Chris Bosh,  he cared and still only cares about himself.

He doesn’t see this as an opportunity to win a title as a team; rather for his own selfish reasons.   He was tired of  being Mr. Loyal in Cleveland,  he  was tired of falling short,  being second best.   Finally, the gasket blew for LeBron and after 7 years,  he didn’t  think about where his heart was, he started thinking about his own selfish-reasons, and goals.
Sorry to break it to you Miami, but LeBron isn’t a king.




Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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