Could Jordan still play at 50? Could he really?

Could Micheal Jordan indeed still play at 50?   That’s the thought some are probably pondering right now, and understandable so, after a 50 year old Micheal Jordan beat a hot-shot NBA rookie, Micheal Gil-Kid-Christ one on one, and in convincing fashion, too, but  a simple-one on one match-up isn’t anything compared to an 82 game regular season.     Plus, now he’s the Babe Ruth of  Basketball, so  if  Jordan were to come back at this point and  maybe even start and fall flat in a return he may be the laughing-stock of the NBA.      His legacy though would still be the same.    So I guess the question here would be: Would it be worth it?    Maybe.      Than you have to factor in all the other things, like Health.     There isn’t  a single question that Jordan is still in great shape, but not in tip-top shape,  there is just no chance.     I have my doubts about his health.     But his game?   I’d say he’s still got that.




Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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