Felt touched lately

Recently, I have felt that I could be a better person, and we all can, right?    – – – The past week, I have felt God touch me in a way that  I haven’t exactly felt since around this time last-year.     That’s when I first discovered “Sherwood Pictures”   and   let me just say, you have no idea how grateful I am that I found those movies,  more importantly, thank you,  God.     “Sherwood  Pictures” was started up by 42-year-old Alex Kendrick, a strong believer in Christianity who attends the “Sherwood” Baptist church located in Albany, Georgia.     According to interviews, in which Kendrick stated himself  he started out filming his own comedy shorts with his brother, Stephen growing up as a kid.    He went on to say he believed God wanted him to start making films again, as that was still something Kendrick was big on, so as a response to God, he decided to become the media director at “Sherwood”.       This resulted into them naming their film company: “Sherwood pictures”.         Their first film that hit the movies was a plot called: “Flywheel”.     For those that may not know, a  flywheel is actually used to help start the engine for Cars.    The movie is about a dishonest used-car-salesman,  in the film (Alex) Kendrick portrays the plot’s main-character: “Jay Austin”.

In short, Austin owns his own used-car-sales company and  makes his career-style by ripping customers off for two years,  but Austin comes to his senses and puts God in his life.    In my opinion, it’s a great beginner’s film.      Their latest film was released  in the theaters in the fall of 2011,  the name of the movie in-case you’re wondering?  Courageous.    It addresses Fatherhood.

Let’s not forget about their other two productions, in 2006 they produced “Facing the Giants” (which has Kendrick portraying the main-character again, it addresses in short, fears.    In 2008  after another season of praying, Kendrick released “FireProof” starring  Kirk Cameron as the plot’s main-character, for those wondering, it’s about a marriage on the verge of divorce.        Just remember that Alex Kendrick didn’t do this because of  the money, but because he has a passion for doing it, and God has given him the ability to do it, also it’s helped influence a lot of people’s lives.



Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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