Lady Hawks fly through undetected on radar

The Playoffs in High School Basketball are nearing.    – –  And not just for Men’s basketball, but also for the Women’s basketball team’s.  – – –  For some teams, it’s their first time to make it in a while, the same could go for Birdville High School’s Women’s basketball team, who have making it their first time in the playoffs under Coach Amy Ingram.    Ingram, is in her second year as the head-basketball coach for Birdville’s Women’s basketball team.    Last-season, Ingram coached a team, made up mostly of  seniors, and despite the fact they missed their goal, in making the playoffs, they had some solid talent overall.

The  Lady Hawks though they lost some star players on their team from last-season, had no trouble adjusting to the challenge.

– – –  It should be noted that at the beginning of the season, no one picked them to be here,  it’s more than safe to say the Lady Hawks have surpassed expectations, as they weren’t a team on the radar to start out . Birdville will play Whichita Falls Rider on Monday night.


Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor in chief  for Birdville High School’s school-newspaper: ‘The Hawk”  you can follow his personal Twitter feed: @ThomasSportsguy, or email him here: as well a weekly contributor to “Next Era” 




Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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