Lance Armstrong may seem like a disgrace, but try to look deeper.. *COLUMN*

Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong (Photo credit: goat karma)

Lance Armstrong may be a disgrace to aspiring cyclists around the world, but he did something so inspiring to some other people around the world with something much more serious at hand.    –  – –   I’m referring to all the cancer patients that could be on the verge of death in the hospital, or receiving treatments to become better.

– – –  This is a much more serious matter here than anything Armstrong has accomplished in his career, whether he took steroids or not, and he did, but the point here is  if  you can look past the world of sports for a minute,  Lance Armstrong may actually be making a difference in some people’s lives, or  giving some hope.

Armstrong, while  a dishonest/cheat on a bike has made up for all his wrong-doings by making a big difference.

This should also come as proof that an athlete can make a difference without accomplishing something in a sport.     Don’t believe me?   Look no further than a case of  life or death.      That’s when it gets serious.   That’s when you are on your knees praying, hoping that God delivers you some glimmer of  hope, a sign that you,  or your loved one will make it.

That’s when it’s different.      It’s different when you know someone-else that is going through the same thing you are.     Those are what should be heroes, not someone who makes an amazing catch in the endzone to win the Super-Bowl, or someone who makes a jumpshot with just seconds to go in-game seven of  the NBA Finals.     Yeah, those are heroes on the court.   But  only on the court, and maybe to those watching the game on T.V.        Don’t get me wrong though, sports are serious when you drive yourself to become better, or the best, or dedicate yourself to every moment with it.

But  only someone who has been there and done that knows how it feels for your life on the line.    You don’t get rematches when you die.         In  Sports, however you do.     Life is a one in done deal.      Heroes are hard to find, often times a hero will look heroic for something they did, but in the end turn out to be a fraud.      Not  Lance Armstrong.      While he may have cheated to win the Tour De France,  he knows what being a cancer-patient feels like.

You don’t get rematches in life.

Armstrong, so to speak has ridden the extra mile on the bike in life that just keeps on going.
Only  he would know how it feels for his life to be on the line, and he knows it’s a much more serious matter than athletic competition.      Get past the fact he used dirty tactics to compete, and find the better person in you, and who knows you might end up making a difference like Lance Armstrong.    He knows how it feels to be a cancer-patient.   Life doesn’t offer second chances like sports do.      This is why  Armstrong has made a difference,  and for so many who need an inspiration like him, you know with their life on the line.

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor in chief for Birdville High Schools “Hawk newspaper” as well as the lead contributing NFL columnist/essayist for “In the” in addition to a  weekly contributer to “Next Era”   You can follow his personal Twitter feed: @ThomasSportsguy, or email him here:


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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