Stop making it about the brothers, it’s about the players and the game *COLUMN*

It’s not about the Harbaugh brothers, it’s more about Ray Lewis playing his final game, and how he’s celebrating it, in the Super-Bowl.   – – – Yet, so are  both head-coaches of both team’s, as that’s usually the case, but this time  the opposing coach’s are brothers.     And ever since the Baltimore Ravens convincingly took care of business Sunday night in New England, it’s been all talk about the two brothers, and you know it’s going to remain that way.     You also know the talk of Ray Lewis is  going to remain

– – –  My point here is there is nothing anyone can do to ultimately change the subject of  these intriguing story-lines, as we head into Super-Bowl 47.

Despite me stating that, I’m going ahead to proceed with the improbable and ask that we not make this about  the Harbuagh’s.       –  –  –  Yes, I understand the circumstances here, but they aren’t going to be the one’s out on the field.       They can only do so much, that the credit due is gold.       –  –  –   But mark your boundaries, don’t make it   JUST about Jim and John Harbaugh.     There is more to the Super-Bowl than this, which is something the media is failing to see.      I mean, for  Pete’s sake, you’ve got two team’s with their season on the line, and the only thing you can think of  is  the fact that the head-coaches are brothers?

I understand though why the connection is being made.      I’m not saying it’s not okay to make that connection, but  my opinion is simply that I feel there is to much focus being put on the coaches, and not the players, and what might happen in the game.     I  mean that is why we watch sports, isn’t?       To find out who wins.

–  –  –   And in the end,  it will be one of the Harbuagh’s.




Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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