COLUMN: Falcons, Ryan and Gonzalez remove monkeys, become playoff winners

Written by  Publisher/Editor, Thomas Brunt:  

Matt Ryan finally won a playoff game, and he  did  what  he does best on  Sunday afternoon,  showing us once again, why they call him “Matty Ice” and that term can now be used in the post-season.     But before he could do that, the Falcons let their emotions get the best of themselves in the fourth-quarter.   The final quarter was  key to several turning points for both teams, mainly the Seahawks.     – –  Ryan and the Birds  however,  after allowing three fourth-quarter touchdowns,  had that feeling.    – – – The feeling they haven’t  been able to shrug off since last making it this far in 2004.    While this was an emotional night for the Falcons as a team, their might have been more emotion running in veteran tight-end Tony Gonzalez, who won his first playoff game in his 16 year career.    And when the Falcons nearly blew a 27-7 fourth-quarter lead,  he (Gonzalez) couldn’t believe it, he thought his career was going to end that way, with the Seahawks leading 28-27.      Falcons quarterback  Matt Ryan however, was determined to get his team into the NFC East Championship game.

This is why the win meant so much more as oppose to what very well could have been a  blowout win, because it looked for a second in the game, that dare I suggest the Falcons may have not  moved past the hump.      – –  If you know the  history of the Falcons, you know it’s something that’s haunted them.      But that is no longer the case.  All scenarios suggesting blank playoff career records have been killed off.    –   – –  –  Matt Ryan is now a winner in the playoffs as well.   It’s a team-thing.
And in the end, the Falcons pushed past that hump.

Emotionally, the Falcons wanted to win.   Physically, they wanted to.     But so did Seattle, and they showed it.     Matt Ryan was more ready.      As a result, Atlanta won.        Tony Gonzalez waited and in the fourth-quarter on Sunday,  16 years of dreaded patience finally payed off.       As  a  result,  this was an emotional win.

The Falcons got a pretty big monkey removed from their back.      Better yet,  it was Tony Gonzalez who, led by quarterback  Matt Ryan both earned their first playoff victories.     It took 16 years for Gonzalez.      Matt Ryan waited 3 years, and he took a minor monkey off his back, minor compared to  Gonzalez.      So does this mean this win doesn’t mean as much for Ryan?         Who knows, maybe not.   After all the frustration Gonzalez had to go through, in 16 years that’s a long-time.       And it felt like the longest time on Sunday when the Seahawks erased a 27-7 deficit.      It was happening in front of  Tony Gonzalez ‘s  very eyes.     Just like all the other failed attempts.         Atlanta removed a huge monkey from their backs, and as a result,    two playoff winners were born on Sunday.        And just in case you hadn’t noticed,  a couple of monkeys were removed too.

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor in chief  for his high school-paper, as well as the lead NFL columnist for “In the”  and a wrestling journalist for “Next Era”  You should follow his Twitter space: @ThomasSportsguy, or email him here:


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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