Saban, Alabama prove point once more, the SEC is the best Conference in all of College Football

Saban, Alabama prove point once more, the SEC is the best Conference in all of College Football, written by Thomas Brunt:
Maybe, just maybe the SEC is the best conference in all of College Football.  Maybe, just maybe, the Alabama Crimson Tide are the best team in all of college football.The Tide, with a typical smash-mouth type of win – an SEC type of win – in Monday night’s BCS National Championship Game vs. the underdog Notre Dame Fighting Irish, may have just proven their point once again.  Alabama head coach Nick Saban, a man who lives in the moment and is not easily satisfied with notable accomplishments such as winning his third title in the last four years, was indeed satisfied afterwards.     “I’m happy as hell, whether I look like it or not.”That he should be,  because the legacy he’s built is a monumental one.

Interestingly enough, it was Saban who feared his team would be jittery once the game started. Instead, the Fighting Irish were the jittery ones. Notre Dame created  a highlight – or rather, lowlight – mix-tape of missed tackles and busted coverages on Monday. The Irish were unprepared for this moment, but not just physically. It looked like they weren’t mentally or tactically ready to face the Tide. Notre Dame had not played a game in 44 days, and this is what sometimes happens after a long break. Not to continue blabbing on about Saban, but when you give the man 37 days (the length of Alabama’s layoff since the SEC Championship Game on Dec. 1) time to prepare for anything, his team will almost always have the edge.

On Monday night, Bama had the edge.

Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCaron went 20-28 in the blowout win, slicing and dicing a lost Notre Dame defense. To add to the enormity of the Irish’s wounds, McCarron threw for 286 yards and four touchdowns.

If  that wasn’t enough, if  the Irish hadn’t already given up enough yards to McCarron, Crimson Tide running back Eddie Lacy ran through Notre Dame’s defense.   Lacy had 20 carries and ran for 140 yards along with a touchdown.     Despite a couple of questionable calls by the Pac-12 officiating crew that may have gone in favor of  Alabama, it wasn’t enough to have affected the game in any meaningful way. Those questionable calls, including an early kick-catch interference ruling that wiped out an Alabama fumble on a punt, would not have given the Irish other chances to win this game.

– – – Forget about chances; the Irish just couldn’t keep up with the better team.     After Monday night, if  there was anyone in the stands, the press box, or, heck, even in the concession lines who had even a tiny smudge of  a doubt the SEC was still the best conference in all of college football, they were educated by this course of events. If anyone had doubted that Nick Saban was going to continue to build an already sky-high legacy, not just for himself, but for the University of Alabama’s football program, they were proven wrong.

The Fighting Irish, on the other hand, failed to prove the critics wrong.   Saban not only continued to grow a legacy; he continues to prove his legitimacy as a head coach.      The legacy he’s built, though, isn’t  just about him, but the Southeastern Conference, as well.    Seven years in a row with a national title is an amazing achievement.

Alabama left the Miami Gardens with no question, doubt, argument, or even a smudge of the slightest hesitation that the SEC is the best conference in all of collegiate football. More importantly, the Crimson Tide won the national championship.


The Michigan Factor:  While both team’s faced Michigan, and  beat them,  the Tide  ran over the Wolverines, with a convincing win, a 41-14 win in the season opener at Cowboys’ stadium.      The Fighting Irish beat Michigan 13-6.        Though the Irish didn’t even give up a touchdown in that one,  it’s the total margin of victory that  is being looked at here.   Alabama, without a doubt wins the “Michigan factor” here, in this case.

The Shut-Out Factor:

Alabama’s defense had four shut-out victories in the regular-season, the Irish had one,  in what was a lopsided 38-0 victory vs. Wake Forest.    – – – Alabama, once again had more than ND did in this category.


Thomas Brun is the lead supreme sports-editor in chief  for the “Hawk Newspaper” at Birdville High School, as well as a contributing NFL Columnist for: “intheneutralzone”.com


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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