When you give Nick Saban 44 days.. Bama has an edge

Alabama coach Nick Saban has had 44 days to prepare for the Fighting Irish, and I don’t know about you, but if you give Saban that much time, it’s like giving Aaron Rodgers 3 seconds in the pocket: He’ll get you.  –  –  – Saban has been here before, and he’s won before.     Notre Dame hasn’t been there for a long-time.   The Fighting Irish used to have a dynasty and could be on the verge of  hatching another one, the Crimson-Tide are trying to prove once more that the SEC is the best conference in all of  College Football.

– – –  Despite have being here before,  the Tide don’t feel like this is good enough, or at least Saban feels that way.   “How can you be satisfied?”  Saban pondered in  an interview that aired on SportsCenter the other-day.         If  Alabama isn’t satisfied, what does this make Notre Dame?     Fired up?

Because they are the underdogs, even ranked at number one.      The Irish have had to deal with listening about the media, anchors, and anyalsts say that the better team is Bama.    But what if it’s true?     That’s why they play the game.     –  –   –  Games aren’t won based off of history,  because if you look at in the history aspect,  Alabama has the edge; in reality the edge really..  might as well be a toss-up, and why not?        I  know this is slicing into the past seven years, but that’s thing, that’s the past.    The past can’t help the present.


But when you give Nick Saban 44 days,  it may just give Alabama an edge.





Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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