Does Notre Dame feel underestimated? *COLUMN*

Commentary:  Notre Dame faced six ranked team’s during the regular season,  Alabama faced four.    – – – Despite that, it doesn’t seem to be giving the Fighting Irish an advantage, that is coming from the experts.   The Fighting Irish are led by star linebacker, Manti Te’o who finished second in the Heisman voting that took place in early December.   Despite that, it doesn’t seem to be giving the Irish any enough respect.     – – It almost feels as though they aren’t being taken seriously;   the Fighting Irish seem to know this feeling from somewhere else before.   What’s the word?  Underestimated?     – – A #1 ranked team underestimated in the National Championship?     99.9% of the time beating six ranked teams, and winning all six of those games is a legitimate sign.   This might be that one time.        –  –  The one time that stats aren’t good enough.

More to the point, here:   It’s clearly no secret the SEC has dominated  the world of  College Football for the last seven years.   The Irish, though they did a stellar job against some of  College Football’s tougher opponents throughout the season, don’t play in a conference.     This gives them the advantage to schedule any opponent they like,  the Irish could have played the worst of  the worst in D1, they didn’t though.

It’s games like the 17-14 victory over an 8-5 BYU team that may make you question this team’s legitimacy.    And than there’s the 3OT game they beat a 4-8 Pittsburgh Panthers team.      – – While the Irish won those games, the concern here is that they didn’t do it convincingly.      The Irish, though like they have six times before this season will have to face adversity once more on Monday Night, and whether or not they do it convincingly, it’s for all the marbles,  nothing will matter for them if they win.   If it does happen, everyone who didn’t take them seriously  will regret not taking them seriously.   – – –  You don’t win National Championships by fluke,  The Irish have made it this far, but it’s not good enough, so obviously whether they admit it or not, they must have something to prove.      They just can’t wait to show what they can do being underestimated.

Thomas Brunt is the supreme sports-editor in chief  for Birdville High School’s school-paper: “The Hawk” as well as a contributing NFL columnist/essayist for  “In the neutral”.      You can follow his personal Twitter space: @ThomasSportsguy, or email him here:


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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