Vikings, Peterson achieve ultimate true goal

  Vikings, Peterson achieve ultimate true goal:      Written by site-editor and sports-editor for  Birdville High School’s school-paper: “The Hawk” also an aspiring newspaper sports-columnist, Thomas Brunt: 

While  Ray Lewis’s decision to retire  has recently dominated NFL headlines, there is something else that may not be fresh news, but I felt like it’s  still  something  worth the time to write about.     – – –  Now without further introductory,  here’s what I have to say about Adrian Peterson.  

Adrian Peterson is a phenomenal athlete,  absolutely no doubt  about it.     The extraordinary athlete  just had an extraordinarily electrifying season.

Peterson ran  for 2,097 yards in the regular-season alone, that’s it though.    The Sooner graduate needed eight yards to tie a previous record set by hall of fame running-back Eric Dickerson (who probably popped out the champagne bottle whenever he found out Peterson didn’t get it).

The Vikings could have (though, I do suppose a silly  argument could be made that: “they should have.” *this argument could only be made in a casino world*)   let  Peterson go for it;  take a gamble.

The  Vikings went with the wise choice here, not that there wasn’t ever a doubt what they would do; as a result, Minnesota is a playoff team, and no, you don’t have to ask anyone on the team if  it was worth it.      The importance of  winning will show up, not just on the paycheck but with  more hunger.    More hunger to get the same results in terms of succeeding.

Let’s say:   maybe Peterson’s run doesn’t pay off, well the game would be going to overtime, where they would get another chance to win.    Never-mind that thought, as that is a preposterous statement; in that situation to gamble over  the near assured treasure is well, foolish.

Winning is the importance of  those who commit time and effort to the game, and it’s when the team works together.    This is different from the   individual achievement, where one player gets recognized for his efforts in the performance.    It takes a   real team to win games;  sometimes it takes a player with the talent that Peterson has to help contribute to a winning team.    – – – Minnesota has just this.

The importance of  an individual  achievement, such as this one is no doubt legendary;  but  when faced  in  the very  heat of the moment, with not just a chance to go to the playoffs, but with the clock winding down, that’s when it’s  a no-brainier.

– –  Yes, the chance of  breaking a record that may not be touched ever again is golden too, but  anyone,  with everything all on the line, like the Vikings in this case had just to much to sacrifice, even for  something  as  big as Peterson.

It has to be understood that no single player or his achievement is or was never will be bigger than the whole team, because without the team’s contributions, this wouldn’t have ever been made possible,  and yes… it does help to have a running-back like Adrian Peterson, too.     With the talent that Peterson possesses,  he may just someday do it, but who knows.

  3  Things:  

  1. This league is crazy, the other-day, former Philadelphia Eagles head-coach, Andy Reid was seemingly on the verge of ending up in Arizona, however reports are coming in that he’s close to ending up with the Chiefs.
  2.  What if  Ray Lewis announcing his retirement before the playoffs even start is him trying to distract the  opponents;  don’t think he won’t do anything to get any kind of  advantage in any shape, way, or form.    – – –  …. Despite that reason, it’s unlikely.
  3.  This isn’t NFL related, but it is sports related, and it is about a very important certain Bowl-Game that comes on real soon here.    My prediction for tonight’s BIG Tostitos Bowl Game:  Oregon: 45-Kansas State: 28    ( * Quick Analysis*:  Oregon is simply just to quick, especially  for  a  team like K.State (no offence).      Another thing:   Can Kansas State’s  defense make it rough for one of  College Football’s  most  efficient quarterbacks in Oregon’s Marcus Mariota?

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor for Birdville High School’s school-paper: “The Hawk” as well as an inside school  sports-reporter, aspiring food critic,  and is the  managing blog-editor,   scribe, blogger, and blogumnist.   You can follow his personal Twitter space: @ThomasSportsguy, or email him you’re thoughts on anything remotely related to sports:


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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