NFL Week 16 thoughts *COLUMN*

NFL  week 16 reactions/thoughts column by contributing NFL columnist Thomas Brunt: 

Thank the New York Giants, thank the Cowboys themselves for that three game win-streak; either-way,  the Cowboys, amazingly still have a chance.

This puts them  in a similar position just like they we’re at this point last-season.     Only this time for the Boys’, it comes down to the Washington Redskins, not the New York Giants.   The last-time the two clubs met, it was the Thanksgiving game; the Skins’ won, despite a hefty-loaded effort by the  Cowboys in the second-half.   The Redskins got out in control of the Cowboys early in that one, and seemed as if they we’re going to end up dominating them.

Thanks to a second-wind though, Garrett’s team wasn’t going to go away so quickly in that one;  however their effort wasn’t enough in the end.    The Cowboys, as a result walked away the gobbled turkeys that time,  now that’s in the past, and behind the Cowboys who have looked stronger in recent weeks, even in a  home-loss on Sunday to the Saints.    Dallas did just about everything they could to win; Romo and the Boys’ however fell a tad short.

After Dallas lost, they had no longer had control over their own destiny;  however that would only stand valid for three hours.     The New York Giants opened the door for the Cowboys, by losing a 33-14 blowout to the Baltimore Ravens.      So  in other words;  there is still a chance, yes.     That chance that of which remains after all this crazy turn of events,  yes a big reason in part of the G-Men,  of course; but let’s not forget that three game winning streak Garrett and the Boys’  were able to accumulate  first of all without that win -streak in place;  the Cowboys would not even have been in a position to end up facing the Skins’ for a  do-or die situation.     Oh, and thank the Giants, other-wise that 3 game win-streak would mean nothing at this point.      It almost meant nothing, well it did mean nothing.   For three hours, anyway; but a Giant loss changed everything.

The Giants had it, and then lost it:

The New York Giants had everyone fooled;  they looked like the defending world-champions from last-season.    Coughlin’s G-Men started out 6-2;  they are now 8-7 , and have lost games in a row.     – –  This two game losing-streak couldn’t have come in a worse time; as they’ve been sandwiched in what has  been an intense three-way tie for first place in the NFC East, their chances of  making the post-season are quite slim.

Making a case for the Denver Broncos to be the best team in the NFL now:    The Broncos, led by veteran/future hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning have been on a roll.    Denver, once a  1-3 team,  has pulled together nine wins in a row, that’s impressive.

– – – If there were  any doubts that Manning may not look so “Manningish” this season, as you can see now; that’s no longer a concern.   Manning has tossed for 34 touchdowns on the season,  and he is a major reason to the Broncos’ successes.       It seems that a late October Monday Night Football game is what triggered this team to further heights.

Touching on the Subject of  the NFL MVP:  – –  While Lions‘ wide-receiver Calvin Johnson and Vikings‘ running-back Adrian Peterson have both been breaking records at their own respectable positions, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, though not breaking records like the others, none the less, he’s had  a solid-season, solid-enough that could earn him an MVP award   As I mentioned a  section ago: this team has been playing as solid as they have because of  Manning.    This certainly  isn’t  the easiest decision here, but I would go with Peterson, because of  the comeback story he  has made, from having surgery last-season; to doing what he’s been doing this season.


Redskins’ rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III,  Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, and Colts’ rookie quarterback  Andrew Luck have all had outstanding seasons.     – –  –  Out of the three though, Wilson has accounted for the most touchdown throws at 25, add that with 3 rushing touchdowns as well.    Griffin would come in at second.   The Baylor Bear graduate has passed for 20 touchdowns, with only 5 picks (Wilson has ten picks) along with 6 rushing touchdowns;  this makes a grand total of 26 touchdowns on the season for RG3.    – – – Coming in at last, is the Stanford Cardinal, Andrew Luck.    – – – Luck has set a record for most passing yards by a rookie in a single season.     He has also scored a grand total of  27 touchdowns (21 passing; 6 rushing).     With the stats these rookies have been putting up this season, this is undoubtedly the year of the ROOKIE in the NFL. 

Two Things: 

1. Andy Reid told the Philadelphia Media/Press the other-day that quarterback Nick Foles has broken hand, therefore  yes, there’s a chance that Micheal Vick may start in place of an injured Foles.

2. Merry Christmas to everyone, thanks for reading my COLUMNS on here (ahem).

My  POST apocalyptic thoughts:   we’re still alive, yay (translation):  You didn’t really think the world was going to end, now did you?

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor in chief  of Birdville High School’s student-newspaper: “The Hawk” as well as a contributing NFL columnist for In the  you can follow his personal Twitter space: @ThomasSportsguy, or email him here:       Thomas would like to wish you all a  Merry Christmas! 




Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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