NFL Week 16 Big games: Power-Rankings *Column* sports-columnist Thomas Brunt  predicts the scores for SOME NFL games, each week: 

Disregarding the Mayan calender;  here are my picks for the top games from week 16:

New York Giants at Baltimore Ravens:   – – – Both team’s haven’t been playing to well lately, with that being said; both team’s could use a win now.    – – –  Their can only be one winner,  and while the Ravens haven’t been looking good at all these past few weeks also needing a win, the G-Men are in a desperate situation, with the current three-way tie in the NFC East.. Giants must win.    Final Score Prediction:  Giants: 19-Ravens: 14.

Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints: – – –  If  the Saints win; does that mean the head-coaching job will open up for Sean Payton in Dallas?         Jerry Jones may not be committed to Jason Garrett longer if the Boys’ can’t beat the Saints on Sunday, and  there’s absolutely no reason to think that  Jones wouldn’t go looking for a legitimate head-coach replacement like *(Cough)*:   Sean Payton.    Do the Saints really want to win this game?    – – –    Dallas has recently started to get some-things going on offense lately,  if  they want to keep their playoff chances alive; they’ll  have to do that again in this one.       It should be noted that the Cowboys won Sunday’s game vs. the Steelers thanks to a key interception, (really a field-goal) but the pick set them up).    IF  the Cowboys’ defense can get pressure on Brees and force him to make some bad decisions,  Dallas just might extend the current three game winning-streak to four.        – – – It’s not who’s doing good at season’s start, middle, but near the end of the season,  Dallas has been that hot team near the end of the season.  – – Why not pick them to win again?

Final Score:  35-24 (Cowboys)

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks:  – – –   This game, besides having playoff implications surronding it; could go a long way in helping decide the winner of the AFC West.    With the 49ers currently in first place in the division;  the Seahawks will need to win this game.

Final Score Prediction:  Seattle: 25-San Francisco: 17

Now on to my power-rankings:  

First though:  The last few weeks of the NFL Regular-Season are here, and it’s all about positioning.   – – – Who will put themselves in a good situation; a situation to win?   – – – We shall find out. 

Top Ten:

#1:  Houston Texans 12-2:  – – – Some people just can’t seem to take this team seriously, or is Matt Schaub they can’t take seriously?  Either way, the Texans despite the haters, have managed to succeed with flying colors this season.  – – –   The Texans seem to be going in the right direction after what was a successful season for them last-season, going to the playoffs for the first-time in franchise history; there’s no question this team is headed in the right direction here.

#2:  San Francisco 49ers 10-3-1:  The 49ers have expected Kapernick to lead them towards victory; that’s what he’s done.  – – – Now can he come up big one more time against Seattle with a possible NFC West Title up for grabs?

#3:  New England Patriots: 10-4:     The Patriots showed us they can compete one half of  a game  against one of the NFC’s more legit teams on Sunday Night football; the 49ers.  – – – Though, it shouldn’t be forgotten to be said that this defense has some holes, while their offense can put points up on the board with an explosive offense,  a defense is what stops team’s from scoring.    – – – None the less,  New England is and for a long-time now has usually been dominant in the NFL, look for it to continue for a while.

#4:  Denver Broncos: 11-3:   This team was once 1-3; yeah.  – – – This might just be the best team that Manning has played on, since the 2006 Super-Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts.   – – – The  Broncos have won games because of  Manning’s leadership and ability to play the quarterback role.

#5:  Atlanta Falcons: 12-2:   The Falcons need one more win to clinch home field advantage and the No.1 seed in the NFC;  a 49ers loss to the Seahawks on Sunday would have the same effect.

#6:  Green Bay Packers: 10-4:   – – – The Packers, after a slow-start to the season have been back on track.    – – – Lately, no one has really been able to stop this team, and it’s all due to the MVP style of play from quarterback Aaron Rodgers.   This team will make a deep run into the playoffs; just watch.  As  noted, this team’s biggest concern is at OL; they should be okay.

#7: Seattle Seahawks:  8-6:  Regardless of whether they don’t deserve a certain win from earlier in the season or not; this team has been just flat-out dominating.   Two games with 50 + points.   – – – This team can score, and they have a solid defense; they must have to have been able to beat their opponent, the Arizona Cardinals 58-0 two weeks ago.

#8:  New York Giants: 8-6:   Is Coughlin on the red-seat if the G-Men don’t end up in the playoffs this season?  No way, not after a Super-Bowl season.   – – – The Giants, as you can probably detect are on the verge of  NOT making the post-season; as they are currently sandwiched in a 3-way tie in the NFC East.     –  – – Honestly though,  I don’t know about you; but I can’t figure this team out.

#9:  Cincinnati Bengals:  8-6:   Remember when this team  couldn’t buy a win before they drafted Andy Dalton  – –  –  Dalton made an immediate impact in just his rookie-season; not the impact that of which RG3 has made for the Skins’ though, but never the less, an impact enough to be felt.    – –  If I re-call correctly,  the former TCU Horned-Frog led the Bengals to the playoffs last-season as a rookie.

#10:  Baltimore Ravens: 9-5:  Joe Flacco said  last week: “We feel like we’re 0-14”  Yeah, well they’re not, clearly.      Always impressed with Baltimore’s ability to play with the upper-echelon of the team’s in the NFL; simply because  they Belong in that group.   Though I feel like the topic of a  fading defense should be discussed.   –  – –  Listen, or better yet; read closely here:   THE BALTIMORE RAVEN’S DEFENSE ISN’T FADING, as long as Ray Lewis is there; they’ll be just okay.    Though he’s aging, he’s at the point now where he’s able to make that strong impact that veterans like him are only able to make, that’s what is going to keep this team moving.


Bottom Two: 

#31:  Jacksonville Jaguars:  – – 2-12:   How many team’s have scored more than the Jaguars have this season?  – – ( 30 other teams).

#28:  Buffalo Bills:  The Bills have an awful defense; there needs to be a lot of change made in Buffalo, and they have an overrated quarterback, but hey at least he’s not as bad as their defense.


Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor in chief  for Birdville High School’s school-paper: “The Hawk”  as well as an inside reporter for his school-sports; also a contributing sports-columnist for “” and an aspiring news-paper sports writer/editor/columnist.    You can email him you’re NFL Mailbag questions here:, or follow his personal Twitter feed: @ThomasSportsguy


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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