COLUMN: Cowboys got a solid win vs. Philadelphia on Sunday night, and look solid, but only for the TIME BEING..

  It all came together for the Cowboys who played only their second best complete game of the season in Sunday night’s win vs the Philadelphia Eagles.  — With the win, Dallas is 6-6.  This was a much-needed win, for the time-being, anyway.   But nobody knows for sure what the future holds for the Cowboys, who have had a roller-coaster ride of a regular season, and there is absolutely no reason to think this ride won’t continue.  Dallas fits the NFL’s definition of “inconsistent”.   Whether one likes it or not, it’s true, and  it  shouldn’t be any-thing other than true.  As you’re physicist probably told you once upon a time, nobody can foresee the future.
— Yes, that statement implies there is a chance the Cowboys will go on to the playoffs.
— But it also can imply this: based on their at times ugly gut/wrenching performances,  maybe they’ won’t.   — This of course, in counter argument of: if they continue to play like they did on Sunday night, which honestly wasn’t that great, to be truthful, but for Romo and the Boy’s who couldn’t sell a first-down for a frozen turkey in this year’s Turkey-leg bowl vs. the Washington Redskins, that is in the first-half,  it’ll do for the time-being.    — All the frustration reluctantly about in Ranch-Valley from their recent struggles was settled with a score against a much hated rival (the Philadelphia Eagles) on Sunday-night, but only for the time-being.  — That’s all they can ask for  a win, and nothing-else, as  the judge in the court once said, as the fans like the truth, and nothing but the truth, which is such as a win in this case.   —- Currently, the Cowboys are 6-6, and are coming off of a win.
  — And that’s exactly the problem, the fact that its current.   No one for sure knows how the wretched month of December will wind up for a team in need of winning out holds for them, but they got a win that if they didn’t get,  would have probably knocked them out  of   the  playoff picture.      Well, they aren’t knocked out just yet.   Maybe later,  because these are the Cowboys, we’re talking about after-all, right?
Thomas Brunt is an aspiring sports-writer for a city-newspaper.   He is currently a sophomore at Birdville High School, which is in North-Richland Hills, Texas, and he’s the (biased) sports-editor for the school-paper: “The Hawk” … as well an inside sports-reporter for Birdville High School.    You can follow his personal  Twitter feed: @SPORTSDUDE350, or email him here:



Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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