HALTOM CITY:      Birdville showed they can respond in delicate game situations on Thursday night, defeating the Panthers. 

Birdville  committed 20 turnovers in Thursday night’s  North East Lions Club Tournament game (Round one) vs. Paschall High.     — Despite an at times, sloppy offense, the Hawks got some big scores when it counted the most, and their defense, according to Coach (Jeff) Fitch is what helped them win this game, more than anything.  “Our defense helped make our offense”  Fitch said.

— There was a point in the game where  neither team could get a score, and that point came in the fourth-quarter.     — All the sudden, almost out of  no where, the Hawks started hitting some shots.   It started with Crane, and then Kendall Johnson.      That’s what put the game away for Birdville (2-3), who beat the Paschall Panthers (1-3) 45-41 on Thursday night.       And it’s situations like this, that will help guide this team through the season.     They  needed  to prove they could respond, and they did.   It’s games like the one vs. Denton Guyer, and Tuesday night’s heart-breaking last-second loss to Fossil Ridge that show they can respond.    — And as long as they can do that, they should be just fine.             Birdville will play Haltom for tomorrow night’s round two tournament game at the Thomas Coliseum. 

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor for Birdville High School’s school newspaper: “The Hawk”  You can follow his personal Twitter space: @SPORTSDUDE350, or send him an email: thesportsguy.brunt2@gmail.com



Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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