Hawks lose close game to Fossil Ridge

Birdville vs. Fossil Ridge: 

Written by Site Editor Thomas Brunt: 

HALTOM CITY:   Coach Jeff Fitch said it wasn’t a must win game.    His team didn’t play like it was one either.  — It was only their fourth game of  the new season.      They we’re coming off a closely contested battle from their last-game in which they only lost by seven to a really good team.  “Every time you play an athletic team, it helps you” said Coach Fitch before the game.          —  It helped them out somewhat, but the Hawks defensive game showed up more than their offense,  and this, and  16 turnovers isn’t going to help you out much.     Though, it should be noted the Hawks only had three-second half turnovers, as oppose to 13 first-half  turnovers.   Sophomore guard Andrew Sorrells  led the team in something he probably didn’t want to, as he  had 4 turnovers.

— However, despite these turnovers, the Hawks were in it the entire game, as the two team’s  struggled to get ahead with a convincing lead at any-point.    But turnovers, like they had earlier in the game, haunted the Hawks, as they turned it over on a crucial possession in the final seconds.      The Panthers, much to the Hawks misfortunes capitalized on the turnover, going the other way and scoring the game-winner with nine seconds left in the game.      — Birdville got the ball down the court and was able to get one last-shot at it, and it was a nice look, to, however it didn’t go in, as the buzzer sounded, the Panthers squeezed on past the Hawks in this one, 32-30.   “When you hold someone to 32 points, you’re supposed to win” Coach Fitch said.   “We missed a lot of makeable shots”  he added.      — While this one wasn’t a must win, it can be looked up as a game they could have won, but they can only move on and continue to improve and play basketball, as there is 28 games remaining, and the Hawks have shown some moments of  greatness so far this season, even at 1-3.

Birdville hosts a tournament at the  Willy G. Thomas Coliseum on Thursday (11/29-Saturday (12-1). 

Thomas Brunt is the BIASED sports-editor for his high school newspaper: “The Hawk” and he is an inside sports-reporter for his school.  You can follow his personal Twitter feed: @SPORTSDUDE350, email here: thesportsguy.brunt2@gmail.com


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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