COLUMN: Notre Dame hasn’t changed the land of College Football at all..

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 Logo of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that Notre Dame has gone undefeated and has received their first #1 overall ranking in a long-time, everyone is thinking that the dominoes have fallen, and with a major impact, that’s shouldn’t be the real case here.    You think one team out of the top 25 BCS Standings/Pols is going to change that much?

— Think again.   Smell the coffee, and wake up.    If I re-call, currently the number two ranked team in the country is  Alabama?

— Correct?    They’re an SEC  School, correct?   Georgia?  Well as of right now, they’re ranked number 3, SEC School, check.      Missing anyone here?  Yep, Florida #4.   Is that all now?   Nope,  LSU, and than Texas A&M comes in at #9 (of course with Johnny Football).     That’s five SEC School’s.    When you stack competition that has consistently wound up on top against a recent struggling school who must I remind all you  people big on ND barley beat a sloppy Pittsburgh Panthers football team in triple overtime.

Now correct me If I’m wrong, but… I’m pretty sure an SEC School would DEMOLISH Pit.    Notre Dame didn’t do that.  They squeaked by.   This is exactly why any SEC school would knock them off.    This is also exactly why not that much hasn’t changed in the land of  College Football, because SEC team’s like they have been in year’s past, are once again at it in with a chance to go to the BCS National Championship game against an unlikely 12-0 fluke of  a team in the Fighting Irish.



Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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