COLUMN: Cowboys are… a trashy good team?….

The Dallas Cowboys may be bad, but the Philadelphia Eagles are just plain garbage.   — And a lot of  Eagles fans are pointing their fingers at  Eagles head-coach, Andy Reid.   — Whether or not this is the right thing to do, I  can’t personally speak for  Eagles’ fans.   — Now, as I was saying,  both team’s aren’t that great, in fact at times the Cowboys have played like garbage, but not the entire season, at least.    Philadelphia’s 3-8 record can speak fore

English: Dallas Cowboys wordmark
 Dallas Cowboys wordmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

itself, as they’ve basically played like trash all season long.     — That’s why Andy Reid’s head-coaching job is on life-support right now.

Say what you will about Garrett’s own failures and missadeventures as the Cowboys have had another thrusrsating season, but it’s been far from the  meltdown in the City of Brotherly Love.    — Than again… at times… the Cowboys seem to look worse than they really are, or are they really this bad?     I’m not sure.    I’m confused.  Can’t decide.     There’s one way you can say for sure about this team.   Call them a roller-coaster ride.   The Cowboys are going to finish 8-8.   — You know it, stop denying it.   It’s the truth.     Dallas hasn’t  proved that they can do any-better.   Their best isn’t good enough.    Even when they knock off the defending World-Champions in the Meadowlands in week one in impressive fashion, who do they think they’re fooling?    — Apparently, everyone.     Well, fast-forward to week 13 and that’s not exactly the case anymore.    —  The Cowboys are as good as being capable of  playing like garbage vs. the Eagles.   —  Than… technically… they’re aren’t really good.      Not at times.   But, they are capable of  being a good team.   It’s just not their true indentity.      You know the Cowboys, win or lose, they’ve got a strong fan-base, that stays true to the team a lot of the time.      But some fans, much like the team, are a roller coaster ride.    — And they wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thomas Brunt is the sports-editor for his high school paoper: “The Hawk” he’s also an inside sports-reporter for his school, you can follow his  personal Twitter feed here: @SPORTSDUDE350, email him:



Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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